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The Lakers should be patient in their pursuit of Anthony Davis

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The NBA world has been rocked the past week or so with rumours and even a major trade occurring. It all started with Anthony Davis requesting a trade, through his agent, from the New Orleans Pelicans. People had an idea this was coming, ever since AD hired LeBron James’ agent as his own, however, some were speculating he would wait until his current contract was up to move out to LA.

Now, LA are the favourites for AD’s next landing spot, as I have already pointed out, but they aren’t the only team that wants one of the best players in the entire league.

Boston are another team who are considering a move for Davis, however, due to the Rose rule, they will have to wait until the summer. It’s an outside chance to say the least, but the Knicks could have a chance of trading for AD in the summer, depending on if they have the number one pick in the draft. Boston and New York would be renting AD for a year as his contract would end and he would be off to LA, so it’s a very risky thing for either team to trade for AD, especially with what the teams will have to give up.

Right, I’m now going to actually go into what I wanted to talk about and that’s the fact that, in my opinion, the Lakers should hold off on trading for AD and wait until his contract runs out. Now, hold on right there Lakers fans, I know what you’re going to do, you’ll point out that I’m a Celtics fan and say he just wants AD all to himself. That’s incorrect, I want AD but I want him for multiple years.

Everyone, including mainstream media, seems good with the idea that the Lakers are going to give up all their young players and a few picks for AD. This is a horrible take, why on Earth would you panic trade now, getting rid of all your young talent, for a guy who will be a Laker in 2020, no matter what.


The first offer LA put in was Kuzma, Rondo, Lonzo, Beasley and a first rounder. This offer didn’t even warrant a response back from New Orleans so it seems they will have to offer all of their young stars and some picks if they are to land AD. That is just way too much for AD as it leaves LA in a depleted state.

If LA wait until his contract is up, they may risk the small chance that he goes to Boston or New York and then re-signs but they keep their young stars, see how they develop and can still pick up a star in free agency, someone like Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker or Klay Thompson. Pairing any of those stars with LeBron and then the young pieces around them is a very formidable side, especially with the Warriors looking more and more likely to stay together. Then add AD into the mix in 2020 and you have a dominant team for years to come.

I understand the rush to get a star around LeBron as quickly as they can but the guy isn’t looking like he will be slowing down anytime soon, and Kuzma is looking more and more of a stud each game he plays so it’s not like they don’t have the players to rotate in for LeBron if they feel a rest is needed. Klay or Kyrie are stars that can win games by themselves so he will have someone to fall back on and it gives the young stars even more time to show their worth.

If LA does trade for AD, they are still getting a very good deal and if New Orleans want 90% of their young stars, the kid I’d be holding onto is Kuzma. Ingram and Lonzo haven’t shown me enough to warrant them staying. Zubac is looking good but Kuzma is a better player and Hart still needs a couple years of experience to be an influential player for the Lakers.

The thing I am trying to get across is Anthony Davis will be a Laker at some point, whether it is now or 2020 remains to be seen but if I was Magic and the Lakers, I’d hold onto my assets, sign a star in this year’s free agency and then sign Davis in 2020. However, I would love the Celtics to sign AD and keep him there beyond 2020…


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