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Luka Doncic vs Ja Morant: Which player would you rather build around?

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Congratulations! You are now an NBA GM, and your first order of business is weighing Luka Doncic vs Ja Morant. Yes! You read right! You are presented with this unique opportunity to build a team around one of the two best young players in the NBA.

So who’s it going to be? Luka or Ja? Who will be the future face of your franchise?

Luka Doncic vs Ja Morant comparison

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we’re going to do a little Doncic vs Morant comparison and help guide you towards the best player for your franchise. We’ll break it down into 3 categories. Numbers, impact, and swag.

So sit tight, bring out the old pen and notebook, and let’s break down the Luka Doncic vs Ja Morant comparison.


Let’s talk numbers

As a GM, the first thing you need to look at is the numbers, and it’s close. According to, Luka is almost averaging a triple-double this season with 27.5 points, 9.2 rebounds, and 9 assists. While Ja on the other hand is not far behind with 26.8 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 6.9 assists.

Luka’s numbers have been steadily going up since his rookie season. In his second year, he led the Mavericks to the playoffs. In his third, it took Kawhi Leonard AND Paul George seven games to send him home. He carried the entire team on his back during that series. Who can forget the buzzer-beater in overtime of game 4?

Even though he started slowly this year, Luka has picked up his game and returned to all-star form, especially after the Mavs traded Kristaps Porzingis. (Coincidence?)

When it comes to Morant, the narrative is similar. He also led his team to the playoffs in his second year. The Grizzlies ended up losing in five to the Jazz, but it seems that tasting the playoffs lit a fire in Morant. This year around, Morant is only the second player in Grizzlies history to be named an all-star starter. That’s a big deal!


Ja is leading the league in points in the paint! He’s increased his field goal percentage from last year and he’s improved his playmaking skills and basketball IQ.

Memphis have also been consistent all season and are currently sitting 3rd in the Western Conference while the Mavs are 5th.

Having said that, the Mavs just so happen to be the team that managed to snap the Grizzlies’11 game winning streak in January with a blowout win.

It’s pretty close, but if we want to be number nerds, Luka edges out Ja in this category.

The bigger impact

This category could be the most important one. After all, basketball is a team sport, and the Luka vs Ja comparison can’t be complete before we talk about the impact each player has on his team.

Let’s start by stating that both superstars are definitely the best players on their respective teams. The Mavs are heavily reliant on Doncic. Without him this season, their record is 6-9. This makes sense considering that their entire offense runs through him.

Even though Doncic is slow, he opens up the court for his shooters who feed off his kick-outs. His defense is questionable, but the Mavs are 6th in defensive rating and have been hiding his sluggishness on this end of the floor quite well.

Back in Memphis, it’s a totally different story. The Grizzlies are just as reliant on Morant, but their record without him is an astounding 11-2. The team is built in an entirely different way. Even though Morant is the definite superstar, the Grizzlies function as a cohesive unit that has proven it can find solutions during adversity.

Morant’s leadership in this role should not go unnoticed. The entire team gravitates around his shining star, and his explosiveness has been a part of the team’s identity.

So when it comes to impact, even though Luka’s presence is statistically more valuable to the Mavs, Ja’s leadership and attitude have raised Memphis’s ceiling and put the entire league in check. It’s Morant’s intangibles that edge him over Luka and give him the winning point in this category.

Who’s got the swag

As you are already aware Mr. GM, there’s more to basketball than just the numbers, there’s also swag. And that’s exactly where the Luka Doncic vs Ja Morant comparison gets interesting.

There is no doubt that both are amongst the best young players in the NBA, but their styles are very different. Ja is explosive and can blitz defenders and finish with ridiculous posters on the league’s biggest men.

Luka on the other hand is all about finesse. Even though the Slovenian does not possess Morant’s athletic abilities, he more than makes up for it with his court vision, basketball savviness, and high IQ. He adapts well and can finish just as elegantly at the rim.

Even though both players are fun to watch, Ja’s explosiveness and killer attitude edge him over Luka in this category.

Decision making time

Well, there you have it Mr. GM. As you can see, the Luka Doncic vs Ja Morant conversation is a very close one. There are multiple other categories that can be discussed and analyzed before deciding which player to build around. But that’s why they pay you the big bucks, right?

At the end of the day, there is no doubt that both players are destined for basketball glory so whether it’s Luka or Ja, you can rest assured that the future of your franchise is in safe hands.

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