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Comparing Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes’ regular season numbers

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With the Super Bowl on the horizon and with it the end to another fabulous season in the NFL, there is one player who has been widely talked about for his incredible first full season.

Of course, the player being talked about is Kansas City quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, but just how does he stack up to the quarterback he lined up against on Sunday, Tom Brady?

The big question is how does Mahomes compare in his first full season to Tom Brady in his 18th season in the NFL. Below is a table of how the two compare statistically this season:

Patrick Mahomes Tom Brady
Yards 5,097 4,355
Completions/Attempts 383/580 375/570
Touchdowns 50 29
Interceptions 12 11

As you can see above Mahomes has been better on most of the stats. The ones that really stand are the yards thrown and the amount of touchdown passes thrown.

Kansas’ quarterback has thrown 742 yards more than Brady this season, which is a huge difference.


In terms of touchdown passes thrown Mahomes is way ahead of Brady. He has thrown 50 which is almost double what Brady has thrown with 29.

Despite all of the stats suggesting Mahomes has been the more dominant quarterback this season out of him and Brady, the Patriots quarterback showed why he is one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL.

Both Brady and Mahomes threw nearly 350 yards, but it was the Patriots and Brady that emerged victorious in a 37-31 win in overtime to send the Patriots into the Super Bowl to take on the Los Angles Rams.

Brady holds a lot of records in regards to Super Bowls having won the most Super Bowls for a quarterback with five. He also holds the record for the most appearances in a Super Bowl with eight and in February this will become nine.

The Patriots quarterback is only one of two players in the history of the NFL to have won five Super Bowls and is the only player to have won them with a single franchise.


One things is for Sure, Brady will be hoping to get his hands on his sixth Super Bowl in February when they take on the Rams in the Super Bowl LIII.


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