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  • Marvin Bagley’s Dad has caused chaos on social media
  • The Kings trading Bagley is very unlikely at this stage
  • A potential trade would allow the Kings to reshape their roster

A social media storm has swept up Marvin Bagley. It was all triggered by posts from his dad, and it has led to an array of trade rumors.

Bagley’s Dad has demanded the Sacramento Kings trade the former second overall pick. De’Aaron Fox‘s father got involved in the strangest of NBA Twitter calamities, too.

It’s important to note that Bagley has quashed those trade rumors. There is no suggestion of a trade request from the player himself, nor that the Kings would want to trade him as a result of his Dad’s comments. As the careers of LaMelo and Lonzo Ball prove, erratic behaviour from parents doesn’t tend to put front offices off.

If, and it’s no more than that right now, the Kings did trade Bagley, though, how would his market look? Which teams could trade for him?

Well, for a start, it would be selling low. His career has been blighted by injuries, and there’s more scepticism than confidence in him as an NBA player at this stage. The Kings just took a leap with this core – trading Bagley for an average return would be a strange decision even by Sacramento’s standards.


There’s big money committed to Buddy Hield. Fox has a massive contract and Harrison Barnes is significantly compensated for his efforts. Bagley is the cheap component of this core (for now). The Kings trading him would be a shock, and probably lowers their ceiling, but there are a few trades they could make to improve their outlook short-term.

Potential Bagley trades

This should be qualified by the fact this is no more than a thought exercise at this stage. We are working through hypotheticals in a scenario where the Kings or Bagley decide to move on.

Trading Bagley straight up is unlikely unless Sacramento is taking another high-upside rookie contract. Why would another team do that?

A deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers could work. The Cavs still want to move Kevin Love. A Bagley-for-Love swap isn’t straight forward, and maybe Barnes gets put into the deal, too, but there’s logic to it. Cleveland gets a long-term big to partner Darius Garland and Collin Sexton, while the Kings land an experienced floor spacer to help Fox and Tyrese Haliburton.

Is there a world where the Wizards go even more all-in? It’s hard to see how a Rui Hachimura and picks for Bagley makes any sense for Washington, but that doesn’t make it impossible. Bagley’s ceiling, in theory, is much higher than any young talent on Washington. If they really believe in the former second overall pick, a trade isn’t infeasible. Hachimura would be a nice fit on this Kings roster.


The Hornets are another team to keep an eye on if a Bagley trade becomes possible. Charlotte is loaded on the perimeter and looking for their long-term answer in the frontcourt. Sacramento would likely want Charlotte’s 2021 first round pick. That’s a high price, but one that could work for both teams if the Kings think they can get a better frontcourt option in the deep 2021 draft.

The raw talent of Bagley and his tricky NBA beginnings would make him a fascinating trade piece. The Kings shouldn’t trade him, but if they do, there will be no shortage of suitors.

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