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Three veterans the Dallas Mavericks should pursue before the deadline

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Even if this may sound dull or obvious, the Dallas Mavericks trade deadline 2022 could either go down quietly or give the team the boost they need to take a step forward. There’s no in-between.

That’s because the Mavs don’t have huge assets to pull off a deal and will likely have to compete with other suitors. Even so, they’re not going to try and swing for the fences with a blockbuster deal, so they might still have a shot at landing the players they need.

The Mavericks have once again looked like a playoff team this season. But there are still some concerns about their roster, especially with Tim Hardaway Jr. sidelined for the foreseeable future. Who’s going to step up? Who’ll help Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis carry the load?

Mavericks trade deadline 2022

Most of the Mavs trade ideas are centered around another playmaker or a stretch big man to play next to Porzingis. Also, Jalen Brunson‘s trade rumors make us think that they could actually land something nice in return for the up-and-coming scoring guard. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the most realistic Mavericks trade targets among the best players available.

3. Goran Dragic

Goran Dragic has been tied with a move to the Dallas Mavericks since the start of the season. He played with Doncic’s father and has also played with him in the national team, so the fit and ties are pretty much self-explanatory.


The Mavericks crave another ball-handler and playmaker who can take that pressure off Doncic’s shoulders, especially late in games. Luka has been worn out in the playoffs as he has been forced to do it all for the Mavericks at that stage.

Dragic is working away from the Toronto Raptors and the Canadian side has no intention of bringing him back any time soon. So, if the Mavs don’t manage to get him via trade, they could still work something out in the buyout market.

2. Jerami Grant

This could be the trickiest among the Mavericks trade targets. Multiple teams have reached out to the Detroit Pistons to land his services. That’s why they may not have what it takes to pull the trigger and orchestrate a deal for Jerami Grant.

Even so, Grant would be the perfect addition to this team. He could play as a stretch four next to Porzingis, or he could even be a small-ball five if (when) Porzingis gets hurt. He could also slide to the small forward spot if they need a bigger lineup.


It’s also worth noting that Grant reportedly wants to join a team where he can be one of the primary scorers. He could be this team’s second scoring option while letting Porzingis operate as more of a pick-and-roll/pick-and-pop threat.

1. John Collins

John Collins is one of the best players available right now. There have always been some rumors about his chemistry and relationship with Trae Young, and the Atlanta Hawks would choose Young if it went down to that. But even if that’s true, it would take a lot for them to part ways with Collins.

The Mavericks are reportedly quite active in talks to pull off a deal before the deadline. They want Collins next to Porzingis as his more physical counterpart and a guy who could also play on the perimeter. That would give them one of the most dynamic frontcourt duos in the league.

Collins can score from all three levels, dominate both sides of the glass, and take some offensive pressure off Luka Doncic. Moreover, he’s been way more durable than Porzingis throughout his career. It could be tricky and expensive, but he’s worth it.

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