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Five gameplay tips for MLB The Show 21

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Released on April 20th, MLB The Show 21 is available on Xbox for the first time in 2021. This means a lot of players new to the game, and possibly looking for some The Show 21 tips.

MLB The Show is the most realistic baseball simulation out there. The graphics have come on leaps and bounds in recent years. The gameplay is second to none in the sports gaming universe.

MLB The Show 21 tips

Whether starting out on Diamond Dynasty, firing up your career as a two-way player on Road To The Show or embarking on Franchise Mode, new players will be keen for some The Show 21 tips.

1. Patience at the plate

This is an accurate depiction of baseball. As such, it’s important to nail your approach at the plate.

Work the count. See some pitches. Force the pitcher to get inside the zone.


There’s a temptation to swing hard and early, but don’t be afraid to take a strike or two on The Show. We all want to hit dingers, but sometimes a bit of patience can be the best way to gain an advantage.

This is relevant online or offline. It’s particularly notable in online play, though, as seeing more pitches can help to figure out how your opponent is going to attack.

2. Figure out weaknesses

This is about online gameplay. The Show is as much a mental game as it is about timing swings and nailing pitching meters.

When you’re on the mound, it’s worth making a mental note of where your opponent is getting things wrong.

How are they with the high fastball? Are they waiting for a low changeup? Did they miss the slider?

You don’t want to become predictable, but knowing where they are struggling can give an upper hand.


3. Tweak the settings

The new pitching system isn’t going to be for everyone. New players may prefer to switch to the pitching meter, which is more straight forward as you get used to the game.

At the plate, there’s an array of camera angles to choose from. Different options for hitting and fielding can change the gameplay experience.

Part of The Show’s brilliance is how customisable it is. Take advantage of that and make sure to delve into the settings to get your game just how you prefer it.

4. Mix it up

Becoming predictable as a pitcher is a nightmare. This is a problem offline or online.

Learn what stuff your pitcher has, how well they can control their pitches, and work from there. Attacking with the same first pitch every time will quickly result in trouble.

Don’t be afraid to pitch backwards or even surprise the hitter with a fourth or fifth pitch.

This is all part of getting familiar with what your pitcher(s) can do. Even if you’ve got Nolan Ryan throwing heat, it’s worth mixing in the odd change and breaking pitch.

5. Know the opponent

This is a pretty general point, but in this instance, it’s mainly focused on the defense.

So, of course, you want to be aware of Mike Trout at the plate, particularly if the next hitter is a favorable matchup for your pitcher. When you’re at the plate, though, it’s incredibly beneficial to know where the good defenders are.

For instance, if their catcher has a weak arm, it’s going to change how aggressive you can be with runners on first. The arms in the outfield are particularly important, too.

Knowing the weaker and stronger arms should inform your baserunning decisions. Deciding whether to send a runner depends who is throwing from the outfield, and the ultimate decision is likely to depend on if it’s Roberto Clemente or a below-average arm.

Getting to grips with baserunning can take some time. For new players, it’s probably best to err on the side of caution, but familiarising yourself with the opposition can help take those extra bases and avoid needless outs.

There we have it – a list of the top five MLB The Show 21 tips. Let us know how you’ve been getting on with the game, and for those yet to get involved, various different editions of The Show 21 are available on Xbox through the Microsoft store

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