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Three ways the Pacers can trade Myles Turner this offseason

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The Myles Turner trade rumors have been going on for years now. The center for the Indiana Pacers always seems to be on the market, but continues to remain in Indiana. Will this be the year a team finally offers a fit enough deal to acquire Turner?

The Boston Celtics came close last season, as Turner and Doug McDermott were offered in a sign-and-trade deal for Gordon Hayward, but Boston declined. The Celtics wanted Victor Oladipo or T.J. Warren instead of McDermott.

Turner very well could have played his last game as a Pacer. No deal was done at the NBA Draft, but with free agency beginning, something may be worked out to end up in a Turner trade from the Pacers.

Myles Turner trade rumors 2021

Like I said, Turner has rumored to be a popular target among a number of teams. But the package just hasn’t been appealing enough for GM Chad Buchanan.

The Pacers took a dip last season, but still have some solid pieces in place. The team doesn’t have to sell now on Turner. But they also run the risk of Turner’s value being lowered and losing out on the chance to cash in on a trade.


Turner averaged 12.6 points and 6.5 rebounds in 47 games last season. Most importantly, Turner led the league in blocks per game with 3.4. He’s a defensive stud who can make things very difficult for opponents in the paint. He’s also locked into his contract for another two seasons.

Here are three teams paving the way in the Turner trade rumors and could be trade partners.


The New York Knicks have reportedly been pushing very hard to get Turner. The Knicks enter an offseason with over $50 million in cap space and can bring in some big names in free agency.

They’re looking to improve and build around Julius Randle. And having that money is an advantage, as the Knicks wouldn’t necessarily need to send a big contract back to even out the finances.

The team picked up Mitchell Robinson‘s option, but they could be doing that in order to execute a sign-and-trade. The Knicks could offer Robinson and either Kevin Knox with a pick or just Obi Toppin. That would give the Knicks an upgrade at center. In Tom Thibodeau’s system, Turner is a perfect match.


Another name that has been pushing for Turner is the Charlotte Hornets. They are reportedly very interested in acquiring the big. And rightfully so, as they’re in desperate need of a center. Both Cody Zeller and Bismack Biyombo are free agents.


Turner could be that answer. In order to bring him in, they need to send a contract back. Terry Rozier has a very similar cap hit to the Pacers big man. Rozier has a hit of $17.9 million while Turner has $17.5 million. They would likely have to sweeten the pot with someone like PJ Washington, a young project that fits nicely in the backcourt with Domantas Sabonis.


Would the Golden State Warriors really be able to get Turner? That would put them right back into contention.

The duo of Draymond Green and Turner would be a nightmare on defense to play against.

If Turner is brought in, the need for No. 2 pick in 2020 James Wiseman diminishes. He likely would be sent back the other way to the Pacers.

If you’re the Pacers, you should have no problem with bringing in the budding prospect. Andrew Wiggins or Kelly Oubre Jr. likely would also be a part of the deal, but that may mean the Pacers would also have to send back someone. Maybe a player like T.J. Warren, or Justin Holiday if the Warriors are willing to take that deal.

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