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NBA Playoffs: Franchise Sports Predicts – Part Two

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The NBA Playoffs bring the best – and sometimes worst – out of players and coaches. The pressure is incomparable to the regular season. Postseason basketball is different to the 82 games prior, seedings can soon be thrown out of the window as niggling injuries and missed shots spin the fate of a series.

Surprises are a guarantee in a 16-team playoff format. Predicting each series by score is a near-impossible task. Of course, that doesn’t stop us from having a go. We have already posted our first round predictions, so it seems a good time to share the rest of our brackets.

Tom Stephen Joe Sam Jahin
West semi Rockets 4-3 Thunder Rockets 4-2 Thunder Rockets 4-0 Jazz Rockets 3-4 Thunder Rockets 4-3 Thunder
West semi Warriors 4-1 Pelicans Warriors 4-1 Blazers Warriors 4-1 Blazers Warriors 4-0 Blazers Warriors 4-1 Blazers
East semi Raptors 2-4 Cavaliers Raptors 3-4 Cavaliers Raptors 3-4 Cavaliers Raptors 1-4 Cavaliers Raptors 2-4 Cavaliers
East semi Sixers 4-2 Celtics Sixers 2-4 Celtics Sixers 4-1 Bucks Sixers 4-1 Celtics Sixers 4-2 Celtics
West Finals Rockets 3-4 Warriors Rockets 4-2 Warriors Rockets 2–4 Warriors Thunder 2-4 Warriors Rockets 4-2 Warriors
East Finals Cavaliers 4-2 Sixers Cavaliers 4-2 Celtics Cavaliers 3-4 Sixers Cavaliers 4-3 Sixers Cavaliers 3-4 Sixers
NBA Final Warriors 4-2 Cavaliers Rockets 4-1 Cavaliers Warriors 4-1 Sixers Warriors 4-0 Cavaliers Rockets 4-3 Sixers

There’s a bit of disagreement, which is probably a good thing. The Golden State Warriors, who have won two of the last three titles, are surprisingly lacking in support. That might be testament to the strength of Houston than Golden State’s weakness. Probably worth noting, too, that not one of us has backed LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers to win the title. Sorry, Eastern Conference.

It’s a case, as many have expected all season, of the Rockets or Warriors. The health of Steph Curry plays a huge part in the West, just as the loss of Kyrie Irving does in the East. The surging Sixers have earned a fair bit of support, but none of us expect the East to put forward a realistic contender for the Finals, although Jahin fancies the Sixers to force a Game Seven. That would be quite something for The Process.

We are set up for a brilliant NBA Playoffs. Here’s hoping we’ve got a couple of predictions right, too…


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