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Kevin Durant and Steve Nash are under immense pressure heading into Game 3 against the Celtics

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The Nets vs Celtics series prediction in 2022 was up in the air up until two days ago. Even though the Celtics only did what they were supposed to do, and that is protect home-court, the implications of these two big wins are tremendous.

The Celtics vs Nets Game 3 is undoubtedly a must-win game for Brooklyn.

But considering the swarming defense Ime Udoka and the Celtics threw at Kevin Durant, the Nets vs Celtics Game 3 odds are not looking so good for Brooklyn at the moment.

Nets vs Celtics series prediction 2022

Teams that are up 2-0 in a playoff series go on to win the series 94% of the time. If you’re a Nets fan, you should be panicking right now. What’s even more alarming is the way the Celtics took the first two games.

If there’s anything that shows you that a team is well-coached, it’s defense. During the first two games, the Celtics did what no other team could do on the defensive end — shut down Kevin Durant. Boston threw one body after the other at Durant. They were pushing, shoving, and contesting every shot. And it worked.


KD shot 0-10 in the second half of Game 2 and looked completely gassed by the end of it. And if the Nets want to get past Boston, Durant needs to be nothing short of spectacular.

So how can the Nets get the “Slim Reaper” going in Game 3 and get back in the series?

Coach’s game

Remember when Kyrie Irving came out and said that he doesn’t see him or KD having a head coach? Well, Ime Udoka is coaching circles around Steve Nash and the entire Brooklyn Nets organization at the moment.

If the Nets want a fighting chance in a do-or-die Game 3, Nash needs to make major adjustments to get his two superstars easy buckets, especially Durant.

If Durant can get a couple of transition buckets before the Celtics set up their air-tight defense, he’ll start getting in a rhythm and that’s what you want. Durant has bailed out Nash many times before, it’s Nash’s turn to design plays that get him going from the start.


Udoka is undoubtedly the better coach, and the Celtics are more capable of in-game adjustments, but if you’re a Brooklyn fan, you have to believe that Durant will show up for Game 3.

Bring Ben back

The Nets have been flirting with Ben Simmons’ return for a while now. Latest reports say that he could be back for game 4.

While expecting Simmons to have an impact after almost a year of being side-lined is unrealistic, his presence should help the Nets’ defense even if it’s only for limited minutes.

Let’s get it straight, Ben Simmons is not going to shut down Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. The best-case scenario would be slowing them down and slightly improving a Nets’ defense that is abysmal.

The Blueprint

In the first two games of this series, the Celtics provided the entire NBA with the blueprint on how to defend Durant. It worked twice in a row now and could ultimately change the entire NBA playoffs predictions.

If Durant does not get going and score 40 points in Game 3, he should expect more teams to play him with the same intensity moving forward.

We can talk about Kyrie Irving, Steve Nash, and even the roles player, but the pressure is all on Durant right now.

If Durant doesn’t show up and drop 40 on the Cs in game 3, the Nets could be looking at a historic series sweep.

So, what’s your Net vs Celtics series prediction in 2022?

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