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David Griffin works his magic again as Pelicans trade with Hawks

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Atlanta Hawks have acquired the number four pick in the NBA Draft from the New Orleans Pelicans, per Adrian Wojnarowski.

Atlanta will send picks eight, 17, 35 and a heavily-protected 2020 Cleveland first-round pick to New Orleans in this deal. The Pelicans will send Solomon Hill, and his two years and $25 million on his contract, to the Hawks.

Wojnarowski also reports that the Hawks will be looking to select DeAndre Hunter with the fourth overall pick. The Hawks had a bucket load of picks in this draft and Travis Schlenk was not interested in bringing in several new rookies, making a trade up probable. This deal has been done on draft night, allowing Atlanta to get their man once again, just as Schlenk pulled off 12 months ago to acquire Trae Young.

For Pelicans general manager David Griffin, this is a major haul, and can effectively be added to Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, Lonzo Ball and all the picks received in the Anthony Davis trade.

Getting off of Hill’s contract is significant and opens up yet more cap room for Griffin as he looks to construct a roster around Jrue Holiday, Zion Williamson and the three former Lakers. Griffin, if it’s the direction he and Alvin Gentry opt to go, will be able to add multiple veterans.


Both the Pelicans and Hawks were going to be active on draft night, and this always seemed like a good trade pairing. Moving Hill on is a major win for New Orleans.

There might not be too much difference between the fourth and eighth selections in this year’s draft, but Atlanta will be delighted they have as good as guaranteed Hunter, while the Pelicans get a good return for a pick that they wanted to move on.

In what has been a busy few hours for NBA front offices, this is a deal that both parties can be happy with, and is just one of many ripples around the NBA following the Davis trade.

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