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NFL cap space ahead of 2022 free agency: Key needs for teams with most spending power

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NFL cap space 2022 ranks among the top searches and queries in the sports industry over the past couple of weeks and for very good reason.

Some fans need to have the NFL salary cap explained, as it doesn’t work the same way as it does with other sports.

The salary cap pretty much means that the team can only spend so much per year on its payroll. That way, the NFL ensures that the league stays competitive and teams don’t stack talent by spending as much as they want on their roster.

That gives the NFL teams with most cap space advantage in the offseason. They can revamp their roster by adding top-notch players or making several smaller signings to improve for the next couple of years. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the biggest issues for the upcoming offseason.


NFL cap space 2022

  1. Dolphins: $60,226,417
  2. Jaguars: $56,822,427
  3. Chargers: $56,298,356
  4. Bengals: $49,257,379
  5. Jets: $48,196,471
  6. Broncos: $38,052,012
  7. Colts: $35,847,327
  8. Seahawks: $34,843,530
  9. Commanders: $31,899,739
  10. Steelers: $28,731,582
  11. Bears: $25,329,726
  12. Browns: $23,598,053
  13. Lions: $19,676,647
  14. Raiders: $18,897,443
  15. Eagles: $18,518,760
  16. Texans: $16,628,359
  17. Panthers: $12,360,499
  18. Chiefs: $11,188,535
  19. Ravens: $8,768,345
  20. Patriots: $8,329,412
  21. Buccaneers: $2,370,110
  22. Cardinals: -$813,256
  23. 49ers: -$4,478,456
  24. Bills: -$6,358,197
  25. Falcons: -$7,316,883
  26. Titans: -$8,321,578
  27. Giants: -$12,204,020
  28. Vikings: -$16,040,779
  29. Rams: -$21,623,914
  30. Cowboys: -$22,154,885
  31. Packers: -$39,666,970
  32. Saints: -$76,246,740

NFL teams with most cap space in 2022

10. Steelers – $28,731,582

The Steelers once again had one of the best defenses in the league, anchored by T.J. Watt. They figure to be a dominant defensive-minded team again next season but could use more depth at the cornerback position. Also, it’s not a secret that they’re looming in the shadows to try and make a run at a top-market QB, with Russell Wilson as a potential target.

9. Commanders – $31,899,739

Ron Rivera‘s stout defense finally showed up towards the end of the year but their QB situation continues to be a mess. Trusting Ryan Fitzpatrick to stay healthy or Taylor Heinicke to avoid turning the ball over won’t do them any favors. They’ve reportedly reached out to every team about a potential QB swap and are also targeting linebackers and safeties.

8. Seahawks – $34,843,530

The Seattle Seahawks went from having one of the best defenses in the league to being completely thrashed week in and week out. They’ve made it clear that they have no intention of rebuilding and Russell Wilson is off the table. If that’s the case, then they need to give him more help and time by revamping the center of the offensive line. They also need help in the pass-rush department.

7. Colts – $35,847,327

The Indianapolis Colts’ season came to the most disappointing end one could ever think of. Carson Wentz proved again that he’s not trustworthy and he may have played his last game as a starter in the National Football League. The Colts are a pretty well-rounded team whose only obvious need is behind center, although they could also use another big-play threat in the passing game.

6. Broncos – $38,052,012

The Denver Broncos join the long list of teams that’s only a good quarterback away from being a legit contender. Notice how I didn’t even say great? Well, just a good QB could do the job for them. Nathaniel Hackett is expected to revamp their offense and Von Miller could be heading back home.


5. Jets – $48,196,471

The New York Jets have gaps to fill nearly everywhere on the field, except for the quarterback position. They have the worst cornerback corps in the league and Marcus Maye‘s injury didn’t do them any favors. They could also target veteran linebackers to revamp their terrible defense, while also looking to give Zach Wilson another deep-ball threat in the passing game.

4. Bengals – $49,257,379

Against all odds, the Cincinnati Bengals made it to the Super Bowl. That only speaks volumes of how historically great Joe Burrow can be if they find a way to protect him. They had a terrible offensive line that cost him his rookie year and then a title this season. So, this is pretty much a no-brainer. The Bengals need to spend every single penny and draft capital in fixing that.

3. Chargers – $56,298,356

The Los Angeles Chargers were as exciting to watch as they were inconsistent. It seemed like they were always on the wrong end of an epic matchup. Justin Herbert is the real deal and it’s clear that their offense can keep up with the best of them. That’s why Brandon Staley needs to spend big bucks on the other side of the field, fixing a defensive unit that was pretty beatable.

2. Jaguars – $56,822,427

No team is in need of more help than the Jacksonville Jaguars. Truth be told, every single one of their players is expendable other than Trevor Lawrence, Travis Etienne, and James Robinson. They were a disaster top to bottom, have a poorly-constructed roster, and Doug Pederson will have to go to great lengths to try and straighten this ship. Good luck.

1. Dolphins – $60,226,417

If the new-look Miami Dolphins really intend to roll with Tua Tagovailoa, then they need to put him in a position to succeed. They need to reinforce that shaky offensive line and protect his blind side to give him more time. Also, they need to find someone who can create gaps for their mediocre running game. Other than that, maybe signing a wideout could also be a priority.

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