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10 potential trade scenarios at the 2023 NFL Draft

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With the date of the draft fast approaching, what are some of the biggest NFL Draft trade rumors in 2023 circulating around the league?

After all, the draft-day trades and rampant rumors are part of what makes the draft such an exciting event. Just like any other year, there are tons of NFL Draft trade rumors in 2023 that need to be examined. With the Bears trading the first overall pick, there has already been one big trade. But there are plenty of other NFL Draft trade scenarios that could still play out.

NFL Draft trade rumors 2023

For fans who have a good handle on how the draft works and don’t need draft eligibility explained, let’s explore some of the more intriguing NFL Draft trade scenarios.

Obviously, there’s no guarantee that any of these rumors will come to fruition. But since we never know what’s going to happen on draft day until it happens, let’s explore some of the biggest NFL Draft trade rumors in 2023.

Bengals trade Tee Higgins to move up

Throughout the offseason, there have been rumors naming Tee Higgins as a trade candidate. On the surface, it doesn’t seem like a good idea for Cincinnati to part ways with Higgins. However, one could argue that Higgins is a bonafide no. 1 receiver and isn’t being used to his full potential with Ja’Marr Chase taking that spot on the Cincinnati offense.


Also, it’s going to be difficult financially for the Bengals to keep both receivers in the long run. That makes now a good time for the Bengals to trade Higgins, especially since he’ll attract a lot of attention if he becomes available.

Meanwhile, the Bengals don’t pick until 28th overall and they only have three of the first 92 picks in this year’s draft. If they want to move up in the first round or add more picks in the early rounds, trading Higgins is the best way to accomplish that. He’ll fetch a good price while allowing Cincinnati to add another young receiver in the draft.

Cardinals trading out of number three 

The Cardinals appear to be an excellent candidate to move out of the no. 3 spot in order to add extra picks. With Carolina and Houston likely taking quarterbacks with the first two picks, another quarterback-needy team might decide to jump up to the no. 3 pick in order to get one of the remaining quarterbacks, especially with the Colts being a team that’s likely to pick a quarterback with the no. 4 pick.

Obviously, with Kyler Murray, the Cardinals aren’t looking at quarterbacks. But since Arizona looks to be starting a rebuild, extra picks might be more valuable than taking a player no. 3 overall, making it possible to trade that pick.

Packers waiting for draft to move Aaron Rodgers

For all intents and purposes, it looks like a done deal that Aaron Rodgers is going to be traded to the Jets. Rodgers is certainly planning on spending the 2023 season with the Jets.


However, nothing appears to be happening, leading to speculation that it might take until the draft that something gets done. Even if the Packers are set on moving on from Rodgers, they may not feel as if they need to rush the process. Of course, these things tend to come to a head on draft night, so we might need to wait for the draft to get this mess sorted out.

Steelers trade up to secure Joey Porter Jr.

The Steelers appear to be a good candidate to use their first-round pick on a cornerback. The good news for them is that there are several corners with a first-round grade.

However, there are some rumors that Penn State’s Joey Porter Jr. might be the team’s top target. That might encourage the Steelers to trade up a few spots to ensure they get him rather than hoping he falls to no. 17 overall. Not only is Porter a strong and physical corner but he’s a Pittsburgh native who played at Penn State, so there is a lot of value in taking him beyond what he can do on the field.

Bears use excess picks to trade for Austin Ekeler

Austin Ekeler is officially exploring his options and is seeking a trade away from the Chargers. As the draft approaches, look for the Bears to be involved in potential trade talks regarding Ekeler.

Chicago has a clear need for a running back, even if Ekeler isn’t a bonafide workhorse back. The Bears also own four of the first 64 picks in this year’s draft and 10 total picks. In theory, they would be an excellent candidate to use some of those picks to trade for Ekeler, especially since the Chargers have just one pick per round right now.

Raiders trade down with no Quarterback need

A few weeks ago, the Raiders were a candidate to select a quarterback with the seventh overall pick. But after signing Jimmy Garoppolo to a three-year deal, that’s no longer the case.

Instead, the Raiders are now a candidate to trade down. There is some speculation that Las Vegas could part with that pick, especially if three of the four quarterbacks with first-round grades are off the board at that point. While the Raiders already have a lot of picks, adding a couple more isn’t such a bad idea.

Commanders trade up for Will Levis

With several teams potentially looking to trade down, who will be trading up to get a quarterback?

All signs point to the Commanders being that team with Kentucky’s Will Levis the target. With Sam Howell and Jacoby Brissett on the roster, Washington doesn’t have to draft a rookie or start him right away.

However, there is a lot connecting the Commanders with Levis, who is unlikely to fall to no. 16 overall, meaning the Commanders need to trade up to get him.

Bills trade up to grab Wide Receiver

Buffalo reportedly interviewed five wide receivers during the NFL Combine, including a couple who are locks to go in the first round. But with the 27th overall pick, the Bills should know that they need to trade up if they want to get a high-end receiver in this draft.

Even with Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis, the Bills know that they need to surround Josh Allen with the best supporting cast possible. This might lead to them being aggressive in trading up to draft their favorite receiver from this class.

Buccaneers trade up for Offensive Lineman

In the aftermath of releasing Donovan Smith, the Bucs know that they need to dedicate some draft capital to upgrading their offensive line.

However, making the playoffs last year with a losing record dropped them to no. 19 in the draft order. That will make it hard to draft one of the two or three best offensive linemen available in this year’s draft. As a result, there are perfectly reasonable rumors that Tampa is a team looking to trade up into the top 10-15 picks in order to find an offensive lineman.

DeAndre Hopkins moved for extra draft picks

The trade rumors involving DeAndre Hopkins are heating up quickly. As mentioned, the Cardinals are in need of some rebuilding, making Hopkins an obvious trade candidate.

Obviously, Hopkins isn’t worth as much as he used to be, but he can still fetch a couple of mid-round picks. With eight total picks, including four of the first 96, the Cardinals are in good shape already. But they have some serious rebuilding to do, so moving Hopkins for a couple of extra draft picks in the lead-up to the draft sounds reasonable.

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