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NFL Free Agency: Chiefs and Jets make most sense for Bradley Roby

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After a real down-year in 2018, Bradley Roby hits the free agency market with his stock significantly down compared to a year ago. This was his first year as a legitimate full-time starter, after being the primary slot guy beside Chris Harris Jr and Aqib Talib previously.

When asked to replace Talib last year, the results simply failed to meet expectations. He struggled against bigger receivers, who would use their size against the shorter Roby. However, he does have years of solid production against shiftier slot receivers, and would be a welcome addition to any defence, once used in that role.

Roby is more than capable of being an elite corner against the smaller receivers, as such a move within the top teams makes a lot of sense.

A team like Kansas City could make a lot of sense for Roby. The Chiefs, of course, know all about Roby due to his career in Denver; and he would reinforce their secondary alongside Kendall Fuller and Eric Berry. He would match up well against #2 guys (with the assumption Fuller would travel on the #1) for the Chiefs biggest rivals. Realistically, Roby could match up against Emmanuel Sanders, Travis Benjamin, Julian Edelman and TY Hilton all playing Kansas City next year. He could be a nice fit on a shorter deal here, with an eye to earning a bigger payday soon.

If the Ohio State alum wanted to cash in this offseason, one of the best potential fits would take him to the Jets. Just like KC, the Jets play a lot of elite smaller receivers (such as Edelman, Jarvis Landry and Kenny Stills), and adding Roby to Greg Williams’ new defence could be a big advantage for New York.


He would likely only be one part of a revamped secondary but would provide a nice piece alongside superstar safety Jamal Adams. Given their abundance of cap space, the Jets could offer Roby more than most teams, and get a potential bargain on Roby, who is basically a buy-low candidate after last year. All-in-all a move out East to the Jets could be a perfect fit for the former Bronco.

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