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Over/under win total picks for all 32 NFL teams in 2022

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With the regular season about to get underway, this is the perfect time to look at NFL win totals in 2022.

NFL futures wins predictions are by no means easy to make compared to NFL fantasy predictions or preseason player rankings. A lot of factors need to be taken into consideration when trying to get a beat on the Vegas win totals for 2022.

However, we wanted to do our part by offering our NFL win totals for 2022 best bets for all 32 teams.

NFL win totals 2022

Obviously, we don’t expect to be accurate on all of our NFL win total predictions. That’s just the nature of NFL futures predictions, as there are always things that happen during a season that are impossible to predict.

Nevertheless, we wanted to give you the latest NFL win total betting odds and share our NFL futures best bets to help get you thinking about NFL win total predictions for the 2022 season. 


Cardinals – Over 8.5

The Cardinals have one of the trickier projected win totals in the NFL for 2022. Keep in mind Arizona got off to an amazing start in 2021 but struggled down the stretch. Obviously, the NFC West will be a tough division.

It also doesn’t help that the Cards have to play all four teams in a stacked AFC West. Beating bad teams on the road will be key for the Cardinals, who will have all of their toughest games at home.

But this was a team that was 8-1 on the road last season, and if they continue to take care of business away from home, Arizona should have no problem reaching nine wins.

Falcons – Over 4.5

This isn’t going to be a pretty season for the Falcons, who are clearly in a state of transition with Marcus Mariota coming in to play quarterback after Matt Ryan was traded. But surely Atlanta can win more than four games this year.

The Falcons will get two games with the Panthers and two games with the Saints, neither of which is in much better shape. Games with the Seahawks, Browns, and Bears are also winnable contests. With one or two surprises along the way, the Falcons should get to at least five wins, even if that doesn’t exactly translate to a successful season. 


Ravens – Under 10.5

It’ll take a three-win improvement to get the Ravens over 10.5 wins in 2021. That’s far from impossible when you consider that Baltimore had two overtime losses last year and four other losses by two points or less.

However, five of their eight wins came by a field goal or less. This is a team that’s likely to find itself in a lot of close games.

While they have a chance to win the division thanks to some winnable games against the Giants, Panthers, Jaguars, Jets, and Falcons, Baltimore’s propensity for playing close games last season makes it tough to believe the Ravens will reach 11 wins in 2022.

Bills – Under 11.5

Despite winning the AFC East for the second straight season last year, the Bills only finished the regular season with 11 wins, so it’s far from a guarantee that they’ll be able to top that number this year.

Right off the bat, Buffalo’s schedule includes eight against teams that made the playoffs last season, including road games against both Super Bowl participants.

That doesn’t include a road game against Baltimore or two games against the Dolphins and Jets inside the division. On the other hand, there are at least a handful of games that should be easy wins for the Bills. But there are too many stumbling blocks to have faith in Buffalo getting to a dozen wins.

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Panthers – Under 6.5

The Panthers might have one of the more challenging NFL win total over/unders in 2022. They have what looks to be an even quarterback competition and are hoping that Christian McCaffrey will be able to stay healthy and be a difference maker for them.

Carolina also plays in a weak division and will have winnable games against the Browns, Giants, Seahawks, and Lions on the schedule as well. But there’s still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Panthers, making it tough to believe they’ll be able to reach seven wins or more.

Bears – Under 5.5

Most analysts are projecting the Bears to have one of the lowest NFL win totals in 2022. Chicago’s hope is that Justin Fields can show some development, helping the Bears to surpass expectations. However, the Bears have a first-time head coach and a less attractive set of skill players than they did a year ago.

It’s hard to find more than a handful of games in which the Bears won’t be clear underdogs this season, making six wins in 2022 a stretch for them.

Bengals – Over 9.5

Making NFL win total predictions for Super Bowl losers can be tough. Super Bowl hangovers are often possible.

However, the Bengals did a great job of addressing their shortcomings during the offseason, most notably along the offensive line.

In a way, Cincinnati winning 9.5 games is one of the more modest NFL win totals in 2022. Unless there’s a serious hangover, Joe Burrow and the Bengals should be better than last season, allowing them to reach the 10-win mark.

Browns – Over 8.5

The Browns caught something of a break when Deshaun Watson was only suspended for six games.

They also have a few winnable games during that stretch. The back half of Cleveland’s schedule could get difficult. But if Watson doesn’t show a lot of signs of rust, the Browns look like a team that should be able to finish the season with a winning record.

Cowboys – Under 10.5

The Cowboys have been too enigmatic in recent years to feel good about them winning more than 10 games this season despite winning 12 a year ago.

Dallas begins the season with games against the Buccaneers and Bengals. They will also go out of the division with road games against the Rams, Packers, Vikings, and Titans.

The Eagles and Commanders should both be better than they were last season, so Dallas faces a tough schedule.

The Cowboys should count themselves lucky to reach 10 wins this year with anything more being a dream scenario.

Broncos – Over 9.5

Russell Wilson has to be at least three wins, which would turn last year’s 7-10 record in Denver to at least 10-7 this season. Among the NFL win total betting odds, this might be one of the bigger mismatches.

In fairness, the Broncos have a first-time head coach and play in the NFL’s best division. But they also have a schedule that includes the Seahawks, Texans, Jets, Jaguars, and Panthers.

They could be halfway to 10 wins by holding serve in those games, allowing them to get to 10 or more wins just by splitting the rest of their games behind Wilson and a defense that gave up the third-fewest points in the league last year.

Lions – Over 6.5

This is surely one of the more interesting NFL win totals for 2022. The Lions have won six games or fewer in four straight wins, so going from 3-13-1 last year to seven wins in 2022 would be a big leap.

That being said, this team played hard and lost some close games under Dan Campbell last year. Plus, Detroit’s roster was plagued by injuries throughout the 2021 campaign. That should help the overall depth on the team and make them better prepared to win some close games against a schedule that includes home dates with the Seahawks and Jaguars, as well as winnable road games against the Giants and Jets.

Jared Goff should be a little more settled and the Lions also added a first-round pick on both sides of the ball, making seven wins a realistic option for Detroit this year.

Packers – Over 10.5

The Packers have won 13 games in three straight seasons, so it would take a drastic step backward for the Packers to fall short of 10.5 wins. That makes this one of the more precarious NFL win total over/unders for 2022.

Granted, this isn’t the most balanced roster in the NFL. But Aaron Rodgers has been the MVP in back-to-back seasons and the rest of the NFC North is still subpar. Green Bay’s schedule also has likely victories against the Giants and Jets. The bottom is that a lot would have to go wrong for the Packers to not get to 11 wins this year.

Texans – Under 4.5

Frankly, 4.5 wins might be a generous over/under for Houston. Granted, Houston has won four games in back-to-back seasons. But the Texans might be worse than they were a year ago when one could argue they surpassed expectations.

They’ll be relying on Davis Mills at quarterback and multiple rookies on defense, so even if things break favorably for them, getting to five wins could be a struggle.

Colts – Over 9.5

Expectations are somewhat high in Indy this year with Matt Ryan coming over in a trade. Indy has a good chance to start fast and end fast, but the middle part of the season has some potential pitfalls.

However, only one of their games this year is against a team that won a playoff game last season, setting up the Colts to reach 10 wins.

Jaguars – Under 6.5

The Jags are one of the biggest enigmas heading into 2022. Just how much damage did Urban Meyer do last season?

Also, keep in mind this franchise has only won more than 6.5 games once in the last 11 years. With Doug Pederson at the helm, Jacksonville could surprise some folks. But the safe approach is to assume that Pederson will need to start from scratch and require at least one year before he starts to turn things around.

Chiefs – Over 10.5

In theory, this should be one of the easier NFL win total over/unders in 2022 to predict. Starting with the 2018 season when Patrick Mahomes won MVP, the Chiefs have won at least 12 games in four straight seasons.

Even with some troubling moments early in 2021, they managed to reach 12 wins. Kansas City’s schedule isn’t exactly easy with eight games against playoff teams from last season, not to mention a game against the Colts and two games against both the Chargers and Broncos. But as long as Mahomes is running the show, it’s hard to bet against the Chiefs.

Raiders – Under 8.5

If you look at the NFL win totals for 2022, the oddsmakers are a little sour on the Raiders, and we are too.

While there is a lot to like about their roster, the first five weeks of the season will be tough. The last six weeks of the season will also be a challenge. That gives Las Vegas a small window to rack up some wins in the middle of the season. Even if they do that, finishing with a losing record is a distinct possibility given the state of the AFC West.

Chargers – Over 10

The Chargers have only reached 10 wins once in the last 11 years, so historically, this is anything but a sure thing. But things have gotten better over the last two years, and in his third season, Justin Herbert should be ready to take his team to another level.

The Chargers also have a decent number of relatively easy wins on their schedule despite facing a daunting schedule inside the AFC West. After coming painfully close last season, the Chargers should get over the hump this year, winning at least 10 games and getting to the playoffs.

Rams – Under 10.5

Our NFL win totals in 2022 aren’t predicting much of a drop-off from the defending champs. In his five seasons, Sean McVay is averaging 11 wins per season, which is a good omen for this season.

While the schedule is a little daunting, the Rams will get to play the Seahawks twice and each member of the weak NFC South. That should be enough to put LA on a path toward 11 wins or more.

Dolphins – Under 8.5

The Dolphins have been to the playoffs just twice in the last 20 years and are starting over with a new head coach.

That may not make it easier for them to get over the hump this year. There’s also plenty of skepticism (rightfully so) regarding Tua Tagovailoa, especially since he’s had issues with injuries in the past.

Miami’s schedule also features a gauntlet in September and another gauntlet in December, and in between, their easiest games are all on the road, so there are no guarantees, making the under on 8.5 wins the better option.

Vikings – Over 9.5

The Vikings will need a two-win improvement from last year to get over 9.5 wins this season. If they suffer injuries to key players the way they did a year ago, that’ll be tough. But if they stay healthy, the Minnesota offense is going to score plenty of points.

Things are also looking good on the defensive side of the ball for Kevin O’Connell if they can stay healthy and not require too much from a defensive-heavy draft class. Plus, Minnesota’s schedule is just favorable enough to make us think the Vikings can get to 10 wins.

Patriots – Over 8.5

Bill Belichick’s team is a tough call when looking at NFL win totals in 2022. It’s hard not to give Belichick the benefit of the doubt since he’s failed to win fewer than 8.5 games twice in his tenure with the Pats.

One was his first season and the other was two years ago. Mac Jones may not be an elite quarterback, but he was steady last season. If Belichick found a way to win 10 games last season, he should find a way to get at least nine this year.

Saints – Under 8.5

Without Sean Payton, it’s hard to envision the Saints not taking a step backward in 2022.

They still don’t have a stable or favorable situation at quarterback, which doesn’t help. The only thing the Saints have going for them is a nice collection of winnable games from playing in the NFC South. But even matching last year’s 9-8 record seems unlikely given the current state of the franchise.

Giants – Under 7.5

As long as the Giants are sticking with Daniel Jones, winning more than 7.5 games seems like a pipe dream. Even if Tyrod Taylor wins the job at some point, the G-Men still have too many holes on their roster to do serious damage with subpar quarterback play.

Even with plenty of winnable games on the schedule, the Giants could easily go winless inside the NFC East, which is going to create an uphill climb to get to seven or eight wins.

Jets – Over 5.5

The Jets managed to win four games last year, so only a two-game bump is needed to get over 5.5 wins. While it’s natural to be skeptical of the Jets, they had a productive offseason and will add three first-round picks.

Also, don’t overlook some of the pieces Robert Saleh has to work with on the defensive side of the ball. That should result in a more competitive team that’s more than capable of reaching six wins.

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Eagles – Over 9.5

Philadelphia has become a trendy pick to win the NFC East, which is why winning 10 games is more than plausible for anyone taking an optimistic view of the Eagles.

The catch is they’ve won at least 10 games just once in the last seven years, and that was the season they won the Super Bowl. But Philly’s schedule is one of the most favorable in the league, which should enable the Eagles to meet or exceed expectations this year, winning at least 10 games in the process.

Steelers – Under 7.5

The Steelers are not the type of franchise that has down seasons. The 2003 season was the last time Pittsburgh failed to win at least eight games. Coincidentally, that was the season before Ben Roethlisberger was drafted. One way or another, the Steelers will have a different quarterback this year.

Oddly enough, Pittsburgh’s schedule only includes six games against teams that were in the playoffs last year. But that doesn’t include two with the Ravens, two with the Browns, and road games against the Dolphins, Eagles, and Colts. There are almost no easy wins for Pittsburgh this year, which could make eight wins a tall order.

49ers – Over 9.5

This isn’t an unreasonable win total for San Francisco. The 49ers won 10 games last season despite finishing third in the NL West. They will also play a rather favorable schedule in September and early October.

The catch is that we’re not sure how Trey Lance will fare as the full-time starter. But if the 49ers can beat some bad teams early in the season while Lance gets his legs under him, they’ll be well-positioned to win at least 10 games.

Seahawks – Over 5.5

Even the folks in Seattle recognize that this might not be the best season the Seahawks have ever had. However, the expectations are quite low with an over/under of 5.5 wins, which should work in Seattle’s favor.

Keep in mind that the Seahawks are stacked at wide receiver and look good in the secondary. They also have one of the best home-field advantages in the NFL, which should be enough to push them to at least six wins.

Buccaneers – Under 11.5

Needless to say, this is one of the more ambitious NFL win totals in 2022. But while it’s tough to bet against Tom Brady and company, keep in mind the Bucs only won 11 games during the regular season two years ago when they won the Super Bowl.

The NFC South was a little more challenging that season, but in 2022, the Buccaneers will also have road games with the Cowboys, Steelers, 49ers, and Cardinals, as well as home dates with the Packers, Chiefs, Ravens, Rams, and Bengals.

That’s a treacherous schedule outside of the division, which is why winning more than 11 games could be problematic, even if they cruise to a division title.

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Titans – Under 9.5

It’s worth noting that the Titans have had the best regular season record in the AFC in consecutive years. But on paper, they don’t necessarily look like a team that can win double-digit games this year.

The AFC South will be far less of a cakewalk, especially for a team that doesn’t have an elite quarterback. Tennessee’s schedule features road games with the Bills, Chiefs, Packers, Eagles, and Chargers, as well as home games against the Raiders, Broncos, and Cowboys. The Titans might be lucky to split those eight games, giving them a challenging path to reach 10 wins.

Commanders – Under 8.5

In theory, Carson Wentz should provide enough of a boost at quarterback for the Commanders to win nine games after back-to-back seven-win campaigns. But Washington still needs Wentz to stay healthy and see a few more playmakers emerge.

The Commanders also gave up 25.5 points per game last season, so there is a lot of work left to do in Washington to give the Commanders a winning record.

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