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No one should write off the Eagles ahead of their Seahawks clash

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The Philadelphia Eagles are playing a playoff game this weekend! Who would’ve thought?

Philly head into this matchup, as you know, with a four-game winning streak in four  “win or die” games.

The Seattle Seahawks began the season with an impressive 10-2 record, but lost the rhythm, losing three of their last four games, including losses to both the Rams and Cardinals. There’s no doubt that the momentum is on the Eagles’ side for this one, and with home advantage, where their defence has been notably better this season.

Offensively, Seattle seems determined to be a run-heavy team, around 48% of their plays this season have been run plays and I can’t see them changing this for Sunday’s game. If the Eagles’ D line can stop the Seahawks run game, I feel like they can beat them at their own game.

Defensively, the Seahawks (a) are bad against the run, and (b) have struggled all season long to find a consistent pass rush. Carson Wentz and his skeleton crew of skill players have gained at least 400 yards in each of their last four games, and there’s no reason to believe they can’t move the ball once again against a shaky Seattle Defensive line.


Carson Wentz vs. Russell Wilson

Everyone knows how good these two quarterbacks are, whether you dislike them or you think they’re two of the best in the league, you have to appreciate that both Wentz and Wilson are more than capable of finding a 4th down TD pass to win the game, this is how important these two players are to their respective teams.

Not to mention, Wentz, against the Giants was awarded the first QB in NFL history to throw over 4,000 yards without a WR over 500 yards (now, that’s next level!).

Russell Wilson – 4,110 YDS, 31 TDS, 5 INTS, 106.3 RTG

Carson Wentz – 4,039 YDS, 27 TDS, 7 INTS, 93.1 RTG

Carson Wentz finished December with 1,509 YDS, 10 TDS and 1 INT – and of course, not to mention the ever-growing list of Eagles players getting injured – including TE Zach Ertz. Both of these men are elite quarterbacks and you’d be silly to say otherwise.


Playoff football is often all about what happens in the trenches, and the Eagles have an advantage along their lines, on both sides of the ball. The Eagles’ offensive line can defeat the Seahawks’ front, and the Eagles’ defensive line has a chance to dominate the Seahawks’ already bad — and now also injury-depleted — offensive line.

Prediction: Eagles 24 – Seahawks 17

People are already doing it – writing off the Eagles… and everyone knows what Doug Pederson and the Eagles can do.

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