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Taking a look at the most interesting of the NFL Week 3 games… 

The 2021 NFL season has started off with a bang. I think this may be the most exciting start to a season we have ever seen. For comparison, 11 teams were undefeated after week 2 of the 2020 season. This year it’s only 7 teams.

NFL Week 3 games

Also, of the teams that have managed to begin with a 2-0 record, only one team (Broncos) has won both games by more than one score. This season has been exciting and we are here to take a look into week 3 with predictions and key matchups to watch.

Cowboys at Eagles

Every team in the NFC East is 1-1 except for the Giants. The winner could be the favorites to make the playoffs and pull away from the rest of the division.

Both teams have exceeded most people’s expectations, but with Dak Prescott’s return, the Dallas defense being better than most expected, and all those weapons on offense, I think the Cowboys will take this one. I expect Jalen Hurts to be a lot harder to handle then most are ready for.


Prediction: Cowboys 37-27 Eagles 

Player Prediction: Jalen Hurts has over 400 total yards

Chargers at Chiefs

Both teams have started off 2021 1-1. This Divisional matchup could be a statement game for either side.

Though the Chiefs have played two very good teams to start the season, they seem a little less invincible than in recent years. The Chargers have the superior running back thus far and with Derwin James back, I think I’m smelling a crazy upset in week 3. The Chargers’ key to winning this will to keep the ball on the ground and trusting their young quarterback who, by the way, is doing pretty good so far.

Prediction: Chargers 33-30 Chiefs

Player Prediction: Austin Ekeler has over 200 scrimmage yards


Packers at 49ers

Was Week 1 really just a fluke for the Packers? Are the 49ers actually contenders this year? Can Aaron Rodger return to the MVP form he was in just a few months ago?

Most, if not all of these questions will be answered during this primetime game on Sunday night. With the bounce back in Week 2, I think the Packers may have just been off to a slow start. You also can’t forget Green Bay had one of these games in the beginning of the 2020 season as well. During Week 5 Rodgers threw for only 160 yards, 2 interceptions, and under 50% completion. I still believe the Packers are one of the premier teams in the league, and the 49ers haven’t reached that quite yet.

Prediction: Packers 35-21 49ers 

Player Prediction: Aaron Rodgers throws 4 touchdowns and 0 interceptions

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Buccaneers at Rams

Two of the remaining 7 undefeated teams will face-off in Week 3. One team is defending champions, the other has a shiny new QB that they believe can take them to new heights.

While the Rams have become an elite team over the past couple years, I think there are few and far between who can keep up with Tom Brady and the Bucs. The elite receiving corps, talented running back committee, and solid defense will probably be too much to handle, even for Jalen Ramsey and Aaron Donald. Cooper Kupp can’t take this team down himself, so someone else will need to step up if the Rams want a fair shot at the Champs.

Prediction: Buccaneers 38-28 Rams

Bold Prediction: Robert Woods has 150 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns

Saints at Patriots

I’m sure most fans, like me, are unsure about where both of these teams stand as far as skill.

Both teams have had a shaky start to either of their seasons, with lots of ups and downs already.

Both quarterbacks are still settling into their new teams.

As far as playoffs go, I’m not too sure where these teams will fall. This game could clear a lot of that up for their fans and the rest of the league. I expect the veterans in Jameis Winston and Alvin Kamara to take this shootout, but this could be a close matchup. I don’t think Mac Jones has the weapons to pull this game out.

Prediction: Saints 27-32 Patriots 

Player Prediction: Mac Jones throws 2 interceptions

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