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Ranking the best first basemen in MLB ahead of the 2020 season

Matt Olson

Closing out this list was hard. The final spot could have gone to Max Muncy, Paul Goldschmidt, or Josh Bell, but it’s Oakland Athletics lefty slugger Matt Olson who gets the nod.

Already a two-time Gold Glover, Olson is elite at first and his 36 homers in 2019 powered him to a wRC+ in the mid-130s, better than Muncy and Goldschmidt. After crushing the ball in his rookie year and struggling a little in 2018, a full 2020 season would have been a good indicator for Olson’s future.

There’s reason to believe he can stick at the level of production we saw last year. The A’s have their corner infield spots sorted for a long time.

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