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Four candidates to sign Reggie Jackson in free agency

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Free agency kicked off this week and most of the big names are off the board. That means some team that either were financially strapped or missed out on the top tier players need to look at the best available free agents to sign. One of those names is Reggie Jackson. Jackson free agency rumors are heating up.

Jackson is coming off his first full season with the Los Angeles Clippers. His regular season didn’t stand out much, averaging 10.7 points on 45.0% shooting from the field, adding 3.1 assists and 2.9 rebounds. But he came alive in the playoffs, averaging 20.3 points per game. With Jackson and Paul George, the Clippers almost made it to the NBA Finals without Kawhi Leonard.

Reggie Jackson free agency rumors

Jackson is not necessarily a bonafide starting guard. His playoff performance may beg to differ, but Jackson wasn’t producing like that in the regular season. So it’s unknown which Jackson teams would be signing.

On a contender, Jackson could be a great option on the bench, but he probably should see starting minutes on a weaker squad. Regardless, now that the top names are gone, he’s one of the best remaining free agents and should be one of the top guard targets to go after.

Here are some teams that would be a good fit for Jackson.



A lot of the buzz around Jackson has been generated from the Boston Celtics. The backcourt for the Celtics is pretty weak with Kemba Walker gone. Their biggest move so far this offseason has been to … trade for Josh Richardson. Safe to say the Celtics need upgrades.

There are reports that the Celtics might be trading Marcus Smart, which would open up the door even more for Jackson. But even if Smart stays with the Celtics, Jackson could be their starting point guard. Boston doesn’t have a ton of money available, but should be enough to bring in Jackson.


One team tied to Jackson is the New Orleans Pelicans. They’re without a starting point guard now with Lonzo Ball heading to the Chicago Bulls.

The Pelicans missed out on the big-name guards, but that’s where Jackson comes in. There are reports that the Pelicans are interested in pairing Jackson with Zion Williamson. They have over $30 million in cap, so they certainly have the capacity to pay him.



The New York Knicks are still in the market for a guard. They re-signed Derrick Rose, but at this point in his career, he’s a great option off the bench, not necessarily and everyday starter.

Both Jackson and Dennis Schroder are reportedly gaining interest from New York. Neither are Chris Paul or Kyle Lowry, but they’re a good second option to pursue.


The Los Angeles Clippers would really like to re-sign Jackson. He found a great role there that both worked for him and the team. And you have to think that based off of his press conference after the Clippers were eliminated, Jackson would love to stay with Clippers.

Los Angeles can really use Jackson to pair with Paul George, especially with Kawhi Leonard out with his ACL injury.

The problem is the most the Clippers can offer him is $11 million. You have to think he could get more money somewhere else. Ultimately, it will be Jackson’s decision – go for the pay day or stay in L.A.

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