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Best available NFL free agents ahead of the 2023 season

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Even if the best parts of the NFL offseason are behind us, the remaining NFL free agents in 2023 are nothing to scoff at. The good news is that at this point, most fans don’t need NFL free agency explained or need to worry about the franchise tag.

It’s all about assessing the best NFL free agents available with the start of training camp approaching and figuring out where they best fit.

Remaining NFL free agents 2023 ranked

Most years, it’s tough to find too many difference-makers this late in free agency. However, many of the remaining NFL free agents in 2023 are players that can make an impact for whatever team ends up signing them. It’s almost shocking to see that all of these players are still unsigned. With that said, let’s look at the 10 best NFL free agents available heading into the summer.

Dalton Risner

There aren’t any big-name offensive linemen on the free-agent market right now, but Dalton Risner isn’t a bad option for teams that need help in that area. He has 62 games of experience under his belt, starting almost every game for the Broncos over the last four seasons.

To be fair, Denver’s offensive line was a little problematic during that time. But Risner has been solid at the guard position and still figures to have a lot of good years left. Of course, Risner is still available because he’s not going to sign for less than what he’s worth. However, there are plenty of teams out there that could use him.


Akiem Hicks

Needless to say, Akiem Hicks is no spring chicken. He’s 33 and is starting to show signs of aging, playing 11 games or less in three of the past four seasons. The days of him collecting seven or eight sacks in a season are long over as well.

But there’s something to be said of a defensive lineman with his experience who can still fight in the trenches and set an example for other players. Even if he can’t play as many snaps as he’s accustomed to playing, Hicks should still be a valuable piece for a team seeking defensive line help, which is why re-signing with the Buccaneers isn’t out of the question.

Jarvis Landry

Teams still looking for a wide receiver certainly aren’t going to find the version of Jarvis Landry who went to five straight Pro Bowls early in his career. But there’s a good chance that they also won’t be getting the player who had just 25 catches for the Saints last year.

It’d be unfair to judge Landry on a problematic season in the New Orleans offense. He’s certainly not a star and probably isn’t even a starter anymore. But Landry’s experience and track record should surely make him an asset in the NFL for some team next season.

Deion Jones

The linebacker position was a little light in this year’s draft class, making it all the more puzzling that Deion Jones is still available on the open market. While he’s coming off a poor season in Cleveland last year, Jones was previously a lock to get 100-plus tackles for the Falcons.


He won’t turn 29 until November, so there are plenty of reasons to think that Jones has some good years left in him and can have a bounce-back season in 2023.

Jadeveon Clowney

Frankly, it shouldn’t be surprising that Jadeveon Clowney is still among the remaining NFL free agents in 2023. He had just two sacks in 12 games for the Browns last year. Clowney was also inactive for the last game of the season because of critical comments about how he was used.

In other words, there is some risk in signing the former top overall pick. On the other hand, Clowney is just two years removed from collecting nine sacks in 2021. He’s only 30, so if Clowney is properly motivated, he can still be a useful pass-rushing threat.

Some team is bound to sign him at some point with some signs pointing to the Texans, the team that originally drafted Clowney, being interested.

Ezekiel Elliott

It wasn’t a huge shock when the Cowboys released Ezekiel Elliott. Dallas needed the cap space and Elliott’s role has diminished with the emergency of Tony Pollard. It’s also not a big surprise to see him still available.

He put a lot of miles on his tires in Dallas, and as a running back who will turn 28 before the start of the 2023 season, Elliott’s best years are likely behind him.

That being said, he’s undoubtedly the best free-agent running back who’s still available. Any team that’s looking for a backup or didn’t pick up backfield help during the draft should still be looking at Elliott as an option.

Marcus Peters

It’s a little hard to see where Marcus Peters fits into the NFL moving forward. He hasn’t been a Pro Bowler since 2019 and he didn’t play at all in 2021 because of a torn ACL. However, he recovered from that injury and started 13 games for the Ravens last year.

Even if his days as a Pro Bowler are over, Peters should still be a viable starter. Any team that is looking to fill a void at cornerback will surely be interested in him. A return to Baltimore seems unlikely, but there should be some suitors for Peters out there.

Frank Clark

After winning two Super Bowls in the last four seasons with the Chiefs, nobody can deny that Frank Clark has a winning pedigree. Granted, the Kansas City defense has mostly been along for the ride. But Clark has been a key part of that defense.

The problem is Clark’s production dropped considerably during his four years in Kansas City compared to the first four years of his career in Seattle. Clark totaled 23.5 sacks over the last four seasons, although that doesn’t include the 10.5 sacks during Kansas City’s 12 playoff games. He’s the type of player who shows up in big moments, and that’s got to be worth something.

Yannick Ngakoue

Even at the start of the offseason, Yannick Ngakoue was among the best pass-rushers available, so it’s a little puzzling to see him stay on the market for so long. It’s a safe bet that he’s not returning to Indianapolis after collecting 9.5 sacks for the Colts last season.

Ngakoue also had 10 sacks for the Raiders in 2021, so at age 28, he looks like a decent bet to amass double-digit sacks in 2023.

Yet, Ngakoue is likely to end up joining his sixth team in five years whenever someone gets around to signing him. Unfortunately for him, most of the teams that need a pass-rusher right now aren’t projected to be contenders, which could be the reason why he remains unsigned.

Leonard Floyd

Just about every team could use another pass rusher, which is why it’s surprising to see Leonard Floyd still on the market this late in the offseason. The Rams released him in March to help clear some cap space, although he’s someone who should have been picked up quickly. The fact that Floyd is now 30 is the only reason why teams would be hesitant to sign him, especially if he’s hoping to land a multi-year deal.

However, Floyd has started every week of the regular season for five straight years, so he’s not been injury-prone in his career. He’s also amassed at least nine sacks in three straight seasons, not including the one he had in the Super Bowl two seasons ago. He may not be an elite pass rusher, but he’s a safe bet to grab 8-10 sacks, making him a valuable commodity.

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