Attending live sports events can be a costly task, as tickets are gradually getting more expensive, it is getting harder for an average sports fan to consider attending their favorite sports events. Additionally, multiple websites resell tickets later for way more, which can be frustrating for fans.

ExpressVPN reveals that the 2023 Men’s Wimbledon Final has one of the highest-priced tickets. The research showed that the ticket’s resale value increased by 2,202% compared to its original price. It is also important to note that events like the Women’s FA Cup and other sports events have comparably high prices, resulting in massive disappointment for fans. The shady practices of ticket reselling are leaving many fans unable to attend some of this year’s most anticipated sporting events.

Why is there a spike in ticket prices

Many concerts and live sports shows have significantly higher prices than last year’s. But why is there such a massive spike in ticket prices? Even if we consider some of the lowest ticket prices available online for certain events, they are not affordable for average fans.

Well, it can be said that there is a huge demand for tickets to popular live matches like Wimbledon, so organizers are well aware that the seats will not be empty and all their tickets will be sold. Additionally, many websites buy tickets to such events to resell them at a higher price.

What is ticket scalping and how it can impact fans

Ticket Scalping is the practice of reselling tickets by a person or website at a higher price than the ticket’s original price. Even though certain regions do not allow reselling tickets above a certain price, there is still a major lack of regulation on scalping practices. It is also unfair for fans who cannot buy tickets solely because certain websites try their best to buy tickets as soon as they go live.


Later, these tickets are resold at way higher prices. For example, this year’s resale price for the Women’s FA Cup went as high as 428%.

Similarly, the tickets for the 2023 Ryder Cup were resold at a 301% increase from their original price. This practice is unfair to the average sports fan, as they are prepared to spend a certain amount based on the official prices but later have to scramble to get tickets at much higher prices. Additionally, there is no guarantee that these tickets are legitimate, and fans can fall prey to scam websites.

How to stay safe when buying tickets online

Despite certain practices by event organizers to avoid ticket resale, fans should thoroughly check before buying tickets online for events. So, here are some tips you should follow when buying tickets online.

First and foremost, subscribe for pre-sale emails so you can buy tickets as soon as they go live. Make sure you have everything that you will need to buy the ticket, including payment information and passwords. It is also better to use multiple devices to get a ticket on at least one device, no matter how high the traffic is.

It is also suggested to use official websites to buy tickets. Even if you are using a portal website, try using well-known and reputed portals affiliated with the event rather than shady websites that can scam you out of money easily. Even if you have to buy a resale ticket, try to use a website that resell tickets at a reasonable price.


It cannot be denied that there is a huge spike in the prices of live sports events, and reselling websites are banking on people’s willingness to buy these tickets to sell them for higher prices to make a profit.

This not only poses a problem for average fans who find these tickets quite expensive, but this practice of reselling tickets has also increased shady practices.

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