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Russell Wilson has three options if he wants out of Seattle

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The Seattle Seahawks being rock bottom of the NFC West with a 3-7 record has led to questions about quarterback Russell Wilson’s future with the team.

Wilson was drafted by Seattle with the 75th overall pick in the third round back in 2012.

Since his first start in 2012, Wilson has gone on to make seven Pro Bowls and win one Super Bowl.

He has also thrown for 35,510 yards, 277 touchdowns and 84 interceptions while posting a 101.6 quarterback rating, which is currently fourth all time.

Wilson has also shown that he can scramble as well as pass effectively posting 4,606 rushing yards and 22 rushing touchdowns.


In the nine completed seasons that Russell Wilson has been in Seattle, the team have made the playoffs eight times.

Through the first ten games of this season, the Seahawks are sitting at a 3-7 record and are very unlikely to make the playoffs with the Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles Rams posting nine and seven wins respectively.

With the Seahawks unlikely to make the playoffs and Russell Wilson being one of the best and consistent quarterbacks in the NFL, the questions about his future will only grow stronger and the rumours will continue to pile up.

Wilson did come out and deny that he put in a trade request before the season started, however, with the way this season has gone so far that could all change.

This has put Wilson in a very difficult situation and only gives him a few options.


Firstly, he could stay with the Seahawks until the end of his current contract, which has a further two years left and either resign or go into free agency.

Secondly, he could demand a trade to another team. The problem with this is that contending teams usually figure out the quarterback first.

Thirdly, he could retire, however this is the most unlikely by a long shot considering Wilson is only 32 years old and is still considered one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL.

The trade rumors from the offseason are bound to resurface in the near future.

Ultimately the only person who knows what is best for Russell Wilson is Wilson himself, but with a lot of big-name quarterbacks running out their contracts and going into free agency that probably looks like the most likely option if things do not improve in Seattle.

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