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Is The Reign Of Seattle Coming To An End?

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With the NFL Draft a week away, the Seattle Seahawks must decide who to take with their 1st round draft pick. A team in rebuilding mode, the Seahawks missed out on the play-offs last season for the first time in the Pete Carroll era.

An off-season of changes, Seattle have surprised a few with the number of high-profiled players they let go:

These players were instrumental in reaching the play-offs but it seems as if it’s and of an era for the Seattle defence, one that was regarded as the greatest defence in the last decade. That list may include one more Seattle member.

Legion No More

Earl Thomas has been the subject of trade talks in the last month or so with the Dallas Cowboys being the number one target. With the Cowboys releasing Dez Bryant, they have the cap space to go for Thomas and Seattle need the draft picks considering they only have one in the first three rounds.


Earl has been a key figure in the Seattle defence. Regarded as one of the best free-safety’s in the league, it would make no sense to trade him. However, as stated before, Seattle are in rebranding mode so no one knows the future of any of the current members of the roster. Earl Thomas is also in his final year of his contract so a big extension is looming for him, the question is which team will it be with.

Grasp over NFC West

The NFC West was dominated by the Seahawks in the last few years. The key word being ‘was’. That reign of domination seems to be on its dying legs. The Los Angeles Rams have shown in free-agency that they mean business. The acquisitions of Aqib Talib, Marcus Peters and Ndamukong Suh has improved an already talented defence. The San Francisco 49ers are showing glimpses of what they can be with Jimmy Garoppolo and the addition of Richard Sherman means their secondary will be hard to get past.

I wouldn’t expect much from Seattle this season and neither should you especially since they have the 5th hardest schedule in 2018.


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