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Should the Suns tear it down in the 2024 offseason?

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With the first round of the NBA playoffs already in the books, the Suns’ offseason plan for 2024 has become a big talking point around the league.  No team seems to be in a worse position than them right now.

New team owner Mat Ishbia tried to dismiss the narrative about them being in trouble, but he should get most of the blame for putting the team in this position in the first place.

While everybody in his shoes would’ve made that Kevin Durant deal, trading for Bradley Beal was a huge mistake, and one didn’t have to be a basketball savant to realize that. With that in mind, and considering the Suns cap space and their situation, we’re going to assess their options for the future.

Suns offseason plan 2024: How to fix this mess?

The Phoenix Suns don’t have control of their first-round picks from 2025 to 2030, and they don’t have second-round picks, either. The new CBA makes it tough on teams that repeat as luxury tax teams, and each apron features stouter penalties.

That means this team is going to think outside the box to get some help around their stars. They can only sign players to veteran-minimum deals, which is another reason why they ‘rushed’ to sign Grayson Allen to a contract extension.


Someone’s Gotta Go

It goes without saying that Kevin Durant is one of the greatest small forwards in NBA history. That being said, it shouldn’t take long before we see social media flooded with Kevin Durant trade rumors. Truth be told, it makes sense for the team.

Durant might not love the idea of moving around again, but it’s not like he should have a say in this. His trade value isn’t as high as it once was, but he stayed healthy for most of the season and was as efficient as per usual, so multiple teams could still want to trade for him.

The Oklahoma City Thunder make sense, as they have the assets and the contending team, not to mention emotional ties to him. The New York Knicks could also be in the mix, as they have more than enough picks to make a run at him.

However, he might not be the best trade chip they have right now. All the Bradley Beal news point out how bad the trade was, especially considering the fact that he didn’t waive his no-trade clause, so they’re pretty much stuck with him.

Beal is injury-prone and can’t play without getting plenty of touches. No team will take him and the $150+ million he’s owed for the next three years unless the Suns attach draft picks to his contract, and that’s just not going to happen.


Possible Booker Trade

If you do the math, then you may have realized that Devin Booker is now the odd man out. He’s their franchise star and the younger member of their Big 3, so they would obviously hate to part ways with a homegrown talent like him.

Nonetheless, as things stand, it might be their only choice. Even if he’s fallen short in the playoffs over and over, Booker is one of the best scorers in the league, and he’s still young and just entering his prime, so he should gauge plenty of value for them.

There’s no way to build a team without cap space or draft picks. They don’t have other assets to trade and surround their stars without making a big sacrifice. The Suns flew too close to the Sun — no pun intended — and this risky bet they make didn’t pay off. Who would’ve thought a team without a point guard would struggle offensively?

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