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Indecision from Warriors and Steve Kerr is costing the organization short and long-term

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“We’re not throwing Steph out there for 40 minutes to chase wins” – Steve Kerr, 8th February 2021.

Steve Kerr’s comments following the loss to the San Antonio Spurs remains poignant as ever. The Warriors are in a state of flux. Neither coming nor going. Neither developing Wiseman nor maximising the beloved Bay Area superstar in Steph Curry. They currently sit ninth in the Western Conference standings (19-19) having lost their last four games – three of which were humiliating blowouts.

From hope, to devastation, to going all in

Optimism going into this season, following on from last year’s washout was justified. The Golden State Warriors finished with a league worse 15-50 due to the crippling injuries (Klay Thompson torn ACL, Steph Curry broken hand), roster turnover (Kevin Durant’s departure) and a subsequent lack of talent on the floor.

As luck would have it, the Warriors fell on their feet as they received the second pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. The return of the Splash Bros brought excitement in the Bay, a duo that revolutionised how to win championships. Combined with Andrew Wiggins and Draymond Green, Golden State were on course for another run at the NBA championship.

Then 18th November 2020 happened.


After 522 days of rehabbing his ACL, Klay Thompson tore his Achilles and subsequently forced the Warriors to change course. The devastation reverberated throughout the league. One of the most beloved and easy-going personalities would have to miss another year through injury. Golden State Warriors majority owner Joe Lacob essentially said to hell with tanking we’re going all in.

The Warriors used their trade exception (Iguodala’s trade to Memphis in 2020) to sign wing Kelly Oubre Jr from the Phoenix Suns thus going $147 million into the luxury tax.

The 7”1 sized Pandora’s Box

What has happened since can be summed by a single word: inconsistent. Having drafted 7”1 centre James Wiseman with the second pick, head coach Steve Kerr has used Wiseman both as a starter and off the bench. Wiseman’s production is emblematic of Kerr’s maligned approach. Triangle offence over modern day basketball. 1990s style in 2020s. Adopting the triangle makes much of what is special about Wiseman redundant.

In an age where players are much more adept to pick and roll/pop offence instead of the archaic triangle, Kerr’s use of James Wiseman is undistinguishable to Kerr’s former teammate in Bill Cartwright.


The 130–104 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers was as bad as any result Golden State have suffered this season. In a bench unit that included Wiseman, Nico Mannion (2020 second round pick), Jordan Poole (recalled from the G-League) and Juan Toscano-Anderson (promoted from G-League), it was Wiseman that played the fewest minutes (12 minutes). Steve Kerr explained the minimal game time Wiseman received in the Clippers blowout, stating it was because the rookie missed his Covid-19 test. It just adds to the stop-start nature of Wiseman’s rookie year so far, who has already missed pre-season due to testing positive for the coronavirus in addition to spraining his wrist on 30th January versus the Detroit Pistons causing him to miss nine games.

Averaging 11.9 PPG (5th among rookies) and 6 RPG (joint best), Wiseman is having a solid rookie year. It should be in Steve Kerr’s remit to increase Wiseman’s workload from the meek 20 minutes per game he is currently playing – ranking him outside the top ten among rookies in minutes.

The Warriors brain trust believed in James Wiseman enough to take him second in the draft ahead of the likes of LaMelo Ball and Tyrese Haliburton. Now is the time to take the handbrake off and show everyone exactly what he is about.

Curry conundrum

Then there’s the Steph Curry conversation bubbling under the surface.

Curry’s current contract with the Golden State Warriors is up at the end of the 2021-22 season. Arguably the most influential player the NBA has seen post-Michael Jordan, Steph, in his own words, has “a lot to accomplish, but nothing to prove”.

Given the state of flux the Warriors find themselves in, and because Steph is about to turn 33, questions will be asked about his future with the franchise. Curry averages 29.3PPG, 5.4RPG and 6.2 APG on 47-40-93 percentage splits this season and has been the focal point of the Warriors offence. Surrounded by Kelly Oubre Jr, who has unimpressed in his wing role, an over-the-hill Draymond Green, the sunk cost that is Andrew Wiggins, and rookie James Wiseman, Steph’s limited support may be the catalyst of the end of an era.

Currently, Steph has real plus-minus of 7.29 this season, ranking him third behind CJ McCollum and LeBron James. He sits second to Lebron for wins added (8.37 compared to 9.65). These numbers run contrary to the fact that Steph ranks 321st in fourth quarter minutes. Kerr simultaneously capping Steph’s minutes and stagnating Wiseman’s development deserves scrutiny. The whole “we’re not chasing wins” runs even more thin when your star rookie is only getting fourth quarter minutes.

The organisation that decrees that they are lightyears ahead must find a course of direction and stick to, or risk floundering, perpetually playing catch up, and maybe, just maybe, without superstar Steph Curry.

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