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The Super Bowl is flamboyant. It’s showy, it’s loud, it’s over-the-top. That is what makes it what it is.

The extravagance goes beyond the halftime shows, glitz and glamour. Super Bowl food is just as massive as the game itself. Families have traditional Super Bowl dishes, and the food (in non-pandemic years) will be scaled up for some of massive Super Bowl watch parties.

Super Bowl LV is different for everyone. We are confined to watching from our homes, and the crowd will have more cutouts than fans. The food intake is unlikely to change, though. Hot dogs, burgers, and wings will be devoured in astonishing quantities around the planet.

Super Bowl food infographic
Graphic from OddsMonkey.

Courtesy of OddsMonkey, here are five barely believable Super Bowl food statistics.

Americans will consume 400% as many burgers on Super Bowl Sunday as the UK does in a year

That is a lot of burgers. The Brits are no strangers to a burger either, making this statistic even more ridiculous.


Sure, America is a lot bigger than the UK, but four times as many burgers in a day? There must be people chain-eating burgers on Super Bowl Sunday.

The amount of bacon eaten equates to 22,700 pigs

More often than not, Super Bowl dishes will contain bacon. Whether it’s a hot dog wrapped or a bacon cheeseburger dip, it’s easy to see how so much bacon is consumed in one day.

Even stuck at home for Super Bowl LV, plenty of bacon will be eaten. Combine that will 88 million pounds of cheese and you’ve got a pretty solid combination.

6% of Americans will call in sick the day after the Super Bowl

Almost eight millions Americans will call in sick the day after the Super Bowl. That’s millions of excuses made of varying validity. Fans of the Chiefs or Buccaneers will be partying on Sunday night, possibly to such an extent that work isn’t exactly feasible on Monday morning.

Of course, a lot of people will have pre-planned post-Super Bowl Monday off. Brits, watching deep into the early hours, will have booked the day after the Super Bowl off, while some might try to power through and find themselves snoozing in the early afternoon…


Americans on average will eat 6,000 calories, more than twice the recommended level

Super Bowl food bingeing is a different level. People are left shocked when we see the calorie intake of athletes.

For instance, Michael Phelps took in 12,000 calories per day at one point in his career. While 6,000 sounds inconsequential in comparison, Phelps was doing a fair bit of work to burn those off – watching the Super Bowl, however stressful it may be, is not quite the same as training for win Olympic golds.

The 1.3 billion chicken wings laid flat would circle the earth three times

Well this one is just mind-blowing. That’s quite literally an incomprehensible amount of chicken.

With a population around 330 million, that’s over four chicken wings per person on Super Bowl Sunday. Quite an effort, really.

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