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Hekker, Zuerlein and Gostkowski could define Sunday’s Super Bowl

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We all know when it comes to any game, not just the Super Bowl, that the focus is normally on the quarterback or a superstar running back or wide receiver.

Let’s be honest, it’s these guys that get the scores and lead their teams to the wins. They normally win the MVP and drive off in a brand new sports car or in Kurt Warner‘s case a people carrier.

What about kickers who can hold their nerve when it comes to winning to a Vince Lombardi? Or punters who can do a bit more, like throw a pass or rush for a first down? Don’t forget about these guys, when it comes to the big calls, they matter the most.

Sunday sees a repeat of Super Bowl XXXVI, the Rams and the Patriots. One thing stands out from that particular Super Bowl is the manner in which it was won, a walk off 48-yard field goal by the legendary Adam Vinatieri. But it was Brady who won the MVP, we all know who the real GOAT is, AV.

On Sunday, we will have two of the best kickers, not just this season but in recent years, on display. Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein has missed some time this season through injury but there’s no doubting if he’s called upon that he will deliver, as he proved in the NFC Championship game nailing a 57 yarder to seal the Rams place in the greatest show on turf.


The Patriots may not rely as much on Stephen Gostkowski to win games as they have the belief and mindset that they will score a touchdown on every drive. Gostkowski has only missed 4 field goals all season including the playoffs, 31/35 attempts.

Both kickers will feel they have an important part to play come Sunday. The thought of a championship and a ring will weigh heavily their minds before kick-off, if the game is on the line the only thing they will see are those yellow posts, kickers do matter.

Some people would put punters at the bottom of the pile when it comes to an NFL roster, that is changing and one of the reasons is Johnny Hekker. The ‘all-rounder’ can do it all, kick, pass and rush. Hekker has pulled off numerous fake punts, the most important to date being the 12-yard pass to corner Sam Shields in the SeanBowl. What made this impressive was that it was on their 30 yard line! It was a momentum changer. He isn’t afraid to put his down and take off knowing full well that he’s going to get wiped out.

This brings me to Sunday and the Super Bowl. Who would bet against Sean McVay going for it on 4th down (on several occasions)? He’s gutsy and the Patriots should be on high alert of the Houdini that is Hekker.

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