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Three teams who should focus on Talen Horton-Tucker in free agency

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The Los Angeles Lakers rule for the 2021 offseason seems to be they can’t sign anyone under the age of 30 so that means the Talen Horton-Tucker free agency begins.

Between the Russell Westbrook trade and the Lakers signing Kent Bazemore, it seems like THT isn’t in the future plans for Los Angeles.

Horton-Tucker only has two seasons under his belt, but he’s extremely young and showed his potential on a strong Lakers team. The Lakers seem to be moving on from him with their other signings, so it could be an opportunity for THT to find a bigger role somewhere else.

Talen Horton-Tucker free agency rumors

The 20-year-old guard found a role in L.A. last season. He put up 9.0 points and 2.6 rebounds per game, but it was his defense on the perimeter that was the most valuable, holding opponents to 33.6 percent shooting from 3.


The Lakers did extend an offer to Horton-Tucker, making him a restricted free agent. That might make it harder for another team to sign him.

Here are some teams that should be in on Talen Horton-Tucker free agency.


The New York Knicks need another guard and while Horton-Tucker wouldn’t be a starter, he could be a reliable option off the bench.

They have reportedly been linked to the Laker.

It’s understandable given their lack of depth at the position and the cap they have. They did bring in Evan Fournier, but they should have enough cash to make a lucrative enough offer that the Lakers don’t match.



There hasn’t necessarily been reported interest from the Sacramento Kings in Horton-Tucker specifically. But the Lakers are still interested in a sign-and-trade for Buddy Hield.

If that were the case, adding THT to a deal would make sense for the Kings.

Obviously he wouldn’t be the main return, perhaps Dennis Schroder goes with Horton-Tucker. But he would be a young asset on a young Kings team. With Hield gone, that leaves an open spot at the 2. The Kings sign a veteran to fill the role and have Horton-Tucker play behind him.


I know, I know. I spent the whole intro saying that the Lakers are moving on from him.

But why would they? He’s not going to cost a ton. He has two years as a bench player.

The potential is there, but the proof isn’t. The Lakers need to keep at least one of their young guys, half of their roster is going to be retired in like five years.

There have been reports that despite their lack of cap, the Lakers will match any offer. He fits in well off the bench and could continue to grow into a bigger role. Ultimately, there is no real reason why the Lakers should let him walk.

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