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Putting together the five best trade packages for Terrence Ross in 2022

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Magic swingman Terrence Ross trade rumors in 2022 should be alive and kicking. It’s no surprise that the Magic are looking to move their last-standing veteran, especially considering that they’re in the midst of a rebuild.

So, what are reasonable Ross trade fits?

Terrence Ross trade rumors 2022

The Orlando Magic trade deadline news should be on the radar of teams that want to boost their scoring off the bench. With that in mind, the Magic shouldn’t have any problems moving him before the trade deadline.

The ask for Ross on the other hand is what should make trading him interesting. Orlando is hoping to acquire a 1st round pick in return for his services. So, let’s look at the teams that can perk up the Magic’s ears.


Celtics receive: Terrence Ross


Magic receive: Grant Williams, Aaron Nesmith

The Boston Celtics should do everything in their power to be part of the Terrence Ross trade rumors in 2022. They are in desperate need of bench scoring, a problem that has been with them since last season. Other than Dennis Schroder, there aren’t many options for them off the bench right now.

Ross would immediately solve this problem. He is an explosive scorer who can get hot fast and ease the pressure on Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

The Grant Williams experiment has run its course and Aaron Nesmith has been underwhelming. Granted, Nesmith’s opportunities have been limited. On the flip side, both young players can contribute instantly to Orlando’s rebuilding strategy.


Cavaliers receive: Terrence Ross


Magic receive: Cedi Osman, Cavs 2023 1stround pick

The Cleveland Cavaliers are currently 5th in the East primarily due to the offseason additions of Ricky Rubio and Lauri Markkanen.

Adding Ross to the mix would bolster their roster even further, and believe it or not, we could be seeing the Cavs in the postseason this year.

Of course, Ross would come at a price, and that would be Cedi Osman. Osman has been solid for the Cavs over the past the seasons, and he can continue that trend in Orlando.

He’s also younger than Ross which should mean something to the rebuilding Magic. The Cavs would also need to throw in their 2023 1st round pick for the Magic to consider this trade.


Mavericks receive: Terrence Ross

Magic receive: Dwight Powell, Mavs 2022 2nd round pick, and 2025 1st round pick

There is no doubt that the Dallas Mavericks have one of the most dominant young players in today’s game. And when you have a player as great as Luka Doncic, you have to keep him happy.

The Mavs have been underwhelming so far this season, sitting 8th in the West.

Adding Ross, who can create his own shot and attack the rim, will relieve some of the pressure on Doncic.

In return, the Mavs are deep enough to move on from Dwight Powell, their 2022 2nd round pick, and a future 1st round pick. The Magic should consider this trade, noting that they are out to acquire trade capital.


Pelicans receive: Terrence Ross

Magic receive: Tomas Satoransky, Cavs 2022 2nd round-pick, Kings 2022 2nd round pick.

The Pelicans are a mess despite their huge potential. They should find a way to include themselves in the Terrence Ross trade rumors in 2022. They can certainly benefit from adding a veteran presence like Ross who can help develop their young core.

Zion or no Zion, Ross can also help offensively and close-out games they desperately need to win.

Throwing in Tomas Satoransky, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 2022 2nd round pick and the Sacramento Kings’ 2022 2nd round pick shouldn’t be a problem for the Pelicans considering that they’re loaded on assets.

This will also catch the Magic’s eye if they can flip Satoransky for more trade capital.


Nuggets receive: Terrence Ross

Celtics receive: JaMychal Green

Magic receive: F Juancho Hernangomez, F Zeke Nnaji, BOS 2022 2nd Round Pick

Jamal Murray is out till sometime in 2022, Michael Porter Jr. is out for the season, but the Denver Nuggets are still alive.

Nikola Jokic, the league’s MVP, in case anyone forgot, has been dazzling as expected. But we all know that the Playoffs are a different challenge, just ask anyone who has ever faced LeBron James.

Adding Ross to their roster, the Nuggets can fill the wing gap left by Porter Jr. and maybe hold the fort till Murray gets back.

The Boston Celtics will need to be involved in this trade, which could make it tricky considering that they would want to acquire Ross as well, but JaMychal Green would give them depth and help spread the floor. As for the Magic, the key in this trade would be Zeke Nnaji who has huge potential on a rebuilding team.

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