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The NFL has worldwide popularity and one aspect of that is betting on the games. This has increased considerably over the past couple of years as more and more US states allow for legal gambling to take place. Even before that, the NFL betting options were always strong, with customers from Europe, Asia and other parts of the world all placing wagers on the weekly action.

Bookmakers had no choice but to increase the number of markets on offer, simply to cope with the demand they were facing. The introduction of the US market is likely to bring even more in the near future, and it would be no surprise if this led to a situation where there was almost as many NFL betting markets per game than what we see for the Premier League games that take place.

The need to create more betting markets have been highlighted even further due to comparison sites that show punters what each betting service offers, and the pros and cons of them. Sites such as newbettingsites UK give punters a feel for what to expect, and if someone is looking for NFL betting, they will be looking for sites that offer either strong NFL markets, or have a big US sports section overall.

What can people bet on?

The simple answer is that people can bet on most things. Gone are the days when the options were simply the money line, totals line and the spread. Now we have the ability to split the game up, so all of those markets can be used on a particular half, or even quarter of the game. Markets such as first to score, first to 10/20 points, and the winning margin are all now available alongside these.

Then we have the players markets. This covers everything from first and last touchdown, to score a touchdown at anytime, multiple scorers, how many yards a quarterback will throw for, how many yards a running back will carry the ball for, and many more.


The latest NFL news often highlights players who have had a strong week, giving punters the knowledge they need to be able to try and work out where they want to place bets for the next games.

The future

The addition of the US to the betting industry is going to have a very positive long-term effect on the NFL betting markets that are available. Huge games, such as the recent 2021 Super Bowl have an even bigger range of betting markets for players to choose from, and this kind of service could become normal over the next few years.

More choice for punters is always a good thing, and if this gets offered somewhere then due to the competitive nature of the industry, it will have to be offered in other places. This is how things are going to spread, if the US has it, so will other countries such as the UK and other parts of Europe, fairly soon after.

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