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The Warriors must pursue a Pascal Siakam trade to extend their title window

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With a third of the NBA season already in the history books, it’s not much of a surprise to see Pascal Siakam trade rumors in 2024. The Raptors have flirted with .500 basketball and even though they have a bright future ahead of them, they might not be ready to compete right now.

If anything, a Raptors rebuild seems imminent and the wisest decision. Both Siakam and OG Anunoby haven’t agreed to sign contract extensions, and it doesn’t seem likely that they’re interested in staying with the organization after testing free agency.

With that in mind, and taking a look at some of the Warriors trade news, it seems like both teams could reach a bit of a win-win agreement. The trade deadline is roughly two months ahead of us, and while this might not be one of the biggest trades in NBA history, it could definitely shift the scale in favor of the Warriors in terms of championship contention this season.

Why Warriors Need To Trade For Siakam

Deah, taxes, and Pascal Siakam trade rumors in 2024. It’s been this way for years, but this might well be the time it finally happens. It makes too much sense right now, or Masai Ujiri risks losing one of his star players in return for nothing.

There should be plenty of trade suitors for the Cameroonian big man, but no team should be more aggressive than the Golden State Warriors, as he’s tailor-made for Steve Kerr‘s system and could put an end to most of the Warriors’ woes from this season.


Siakam could be a seamless fit next to Draymond Green. He can anchor their defense with his long wingspan and rim protection, all while not being a liability on offense because of his shooting. He’s perfect for the Warriors’ all-shooter’s lineups, and he’s another shot-creator and playmaker.

Dario Saric has struggled to guard centers, and Kevon Looney can’t be on the floor for 48 minutes. Siakam would be the ultimate insurance policy, as Looney could shift back to the bench and serve as a defensive specialist in certain groups.

The Warriors would finally have an interior presence, something they’ve lacked since Andrew Bogut. Moreover, Siakam could give them 20 points per game on efficient shooting and then be a plus-defender on the other end of the floor.

Why Raptors Need This To Happen

The Raptors could target Moses Moody, Jonathan Kuminga, and Andrew Wiggins in this trade, and that would be the ultimate fleece for an expiring contract. Wiggins would come back home and play in Canada for the first time in his career, providing his athleticism and his two-way skill set. If they don’t like him, they could even flip him for draft capital and send him to another contender.

The real win would be getting Moody and Kuminga. Moody has outplayed Klay Thompson for stretches this season, but Kerr hasn’t rewarded him with more playing time. He seems reluctant to give the youngsters a longer leash, even though Moody has proven to be an efficient three-level scorer and instant source of offense off the bench.


As for Kuminga, it would be hard to envision a more athletic frontcourt duo with him and Scottie Barnes. They can both play defense and put up 20+ points on any given night, and they’d be one of the most promising and electrifying duos in the league for years to come.

Kuminga is a former top-10 pick, and he’s always shown glimpses of great play, yet he’s been held back in the Bay Area. He needs a change of scenery to be at his best, and paying for a rebuilding team with no pressure could be just what he needs to become a two-way superstar.

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