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Tennessee Titans offseason preview 2022: Needs, upcoming free agents and the Tannehill dilemma

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Now that their season is over, Tennessee Titans offseason needs 2022 are taking center stage. While not a flawed roster, it’s clear that Mike Vrabel‘s team could do better after yet another campaign of falling short of their goal.

Titans offseason needs 2022

Boasting a balanced defense and a somewhat efficient offense, the Titans overcame Derrick Henry‘s absence to clinch the top spot in the AFC. Then again, their lack of a true franchise QB and some minor miscues cost them when it mattered the most.

Fortunately for them, it’s not like this time is too far off from being a legit Super Bowl contender. Here, we’re going to discuss the biggest issues they need to address in the offseason.

Upcoming Titans free agents

Of all the upcoming Titans free agents, losing Ben Jones could hurt them the most, but let’s not ignore the fact that he’s just about to turn 33 years old. So, unless he agrees to take a big pay cut, he’s not likely to be on the team past this season.

Both Rashaan Evans and Jayon Brown underperformed and eventually got demoted to the bench, so there’s not much of an issue there. The same can’t be said about Harold Landry, though, as he’s expected to gauge plenty of interest around the league and demand a lucrative contract.


Titans offseason needs 2022

The Titans’ offseason moves should focus on pretty much replacing departing players. They might decide to cut Zach Cunningham to save nearly $10 million, which means they’ll need to add more depth at linebacker. If Jones walks away, then signing a new starting center should also be at the top of their priority list.

Julio Jones is one of the all-time greats but he can’t seem to stay healthy, which is why they need an insurance policy at wide receiver. Also, their tight-end corps could suffer a big hit if they lose both George Swain and Anthony Frisker in free agency.

What to do with Ryan Tannehill?

Let’s be honest for a second here. Ryan Tannehill isn’t a franchise quarterback. I mean, he did improve from his days in Miami and the Titans did look better with him than with Marcus Mariota, but it’s not like the bar was set too high. The offense was too dependent on Derrick Henry and Tannehill failed to lead the way when he wasn’t on the field.

Obviously, having Julio Jones and A.J. Brown injured for most of the season didn’t do much to help, but let’s not pretend like there’s more of Tannehill than we’ve seen thus far. He’s a check-down specialist and a game-manager at best, and a true contender needs more than that behind center.

Most Titans trade news points them out as potential buyers for a QB, but that’s unlikely. Tannehill will still be under contract for another two seasons. Finding a trade partner for an aging and unproven QB set to make $29 million will be close to impossible. Also, there’s no way they release him and lose that much money. In reality, it seems like they’re just stuck with him until further notice, and that will continue to hold them back as well.


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