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Top five NFL quarterbacks ahead of the 2019 season

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Patrick Mahomes

Is Pat Mahomes really that good or is it just he has an amazing support cast? There’s an argument for both so let’s take a look at both sides.

His ability to read defences and react is very good but it’s what he does when he escapes the pocket (26 sacks in 16 games last year). Mahomes’ eyes are always downfield and he is always looking to make a big play, not just pick up a 1st down.

There’s no doubt this guy wins a Super Bowl or two but does he need the weapons around him to do it? Hill, Kelce and Hunt all made that Chiefs offence look unstoppable last year, Hunt has left and Hill has been dealing with off field issues, will these affect Mahomes in 2019/20? Was he a one-season wonder?

MVP odds: 4/1

Aaron Rodgers

It’s been a rough few years for Rodgers with injuries and a head coach who just killed that entire offence. 2019/20 is going to be slightly different for the Packers.


Rodgers has the ability, skill set, toughness etc. to compete and win and LaFleur will be sure to adapt his offensive weapons to fit around his stud quarterback. Rodgers knows how to win ugly in this league; he just needs to get that win stat up when it comes to playoff football. They have a rough start away to the Bears and home to the Vikings but if they can make the playoffs, Rodgers will know his time is running out for an elusive second Super Bowl ring.

MVP odds: 8/1

Tom Brady

Brady had to make the top 5 as much as that pains me to say it.

The reasons? There are a few.

Bill Belichick being the main one, the chemistry that these two guys have is on another level to anyone else playing football. They know each other so well and know everyone else better than they know themselves (if you catch my drift).


Teams fear Brady, doesn’t matter who else the Patriots are missing on offence, teams focus on Brady and what he brings to the gridiron. Winning. Brady can win in the regular season, playoffs, snow, wind, rain, doesn’t matter. He just has that winning mentality which is huge when it comes to the business end of the season.

MVP odds: 10/1

Russell Wilson

Russell ‘put the team on my back’ Wilson as he’s sometimes known.

Wilson is going to need to be at his very best this year if Seattle is to make the playoffs. His wide receiver corps has diminished. The loss of Doug Baldwin to retirement was a hammer blow. Add in David Moore possibly heading to IR and DK Metcalf struggling after minor knee surgery that leaves Lockett to carry the load for the early part of the season. I’d expect Wilson to do a lot more rushing than normal this year but Pete Carroll won’t want his QB taking hits on every other play.

MVP odds: 16/1

Matt Ryan

The NFC south were always going to be represented when it came to the top 5 QB’s for 2019.

Brees’ arm is fading badly and Newton’s health is dodgy. So that leaves Matt Ryan. Ryan doesn’t get enough credit for what he’s done over the last few years and its maybe because he doesn’t break records or is in the spotlight like other QB’s.

Don’t forget he’s a former league MVP (2016) and should be a Super Bowl winner. 2 of Ryan’s 4 pro bowls (’12, ’14) came when Dirk Koetter was his OC, bare that in mind when it comes to the Falcons offence this year, I’m expecting another MVP calibre year from Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons.

MVP odds: 28/1

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