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America is home to several incredible sporting bodies that fans all around the globe follow closely. Included in these are the NBA (National Basketball Association), NFL (National Football League), MLB (Major League Baseball), and the NHL (National Hockey League).

In the USA, teams active in these bodies are often called franchises. And, as with any sport, some teams excel, while others fall far short of the glory they seek. Whichever case is true for a franchise, their fans typically cheer them on through thick and thin.

In some cases, however, even fans have a hard time justifying their support. This occurs when teams go through incredible losing runs. Other times, fans proudly proclaim their chosen team after a solid winning streak.

To separate the best from the worst (or possibly just the least lucky), here are the franchises from these sporting organisations that have the most and least wins.

National Basketball Association (NBA)

The position of most championship wins in the NBA is held by two teams: the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. Both franchises have won 17 championship titles, with the Lakers being the only ones to win a championship consecutively across the last four decades.


As of the start of 2021, the Lakers had recorded a total of 3,888 wins. These comprise regular season, playoff, division titles, and championship wins. The Celtics, however, had only recorded 3,848 wins under the same categories and timeframe.

While this shows that the Lakers are (technically) the team with the highest number of wins, the Celtics became the first team to win a 17th championship in 2008.

When it comes to losing, no franchise in the NBA has done it as well as the Philadelphia 76ers. The team had recorded 2,853 losses by 2021 across regular season games and playoffs.

The only team coming close to the losses of the 76ers is the Sacramento Kings. This franchise has also raked up an astonishing number of losses: 2,716 by 2021. The Kings are also known for a losing streak that lasted 15 seasons.

National Football League (NFL)

The NFL comprises some of the most loyal fans and incredible franchises in sports today. However, no franchise is perhaps as supported or loved as the Green Day Packers. This could be why the team holds the title for most wins in the NFL and has some very high-earning players.


The team has won 834 games across season wins, playoffs, Super Bowls, championships, and division titles. Among these wins are four Super Bowl victories and 13 NFL Championships—more than any other franchise in history.

Aside from the Packers, the Chicago Bears hold the second most wins, with 817 by the start of 2021. Included in these are nine NFL Championships and a single Super Bowl win.

Unlike the Packers and Bears, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are certainly not a franchise you’ll consider winners. They have recorded 435 losses, including a 14-season losing streak. These consecutive losses are the longest losing streak in NFL history.

The next biggest losers second to the Buccaneers are the Detroit Lions. Recording 439 losses across regular seasons and playoffs, they have also suffered a losing streak of ten seasons—coming just behind the Buccaneers.

Major League Baseball (MLB)

When it comes to Major League Baseball, no team stacks up to the New York Yankees. The franchise, which is known internationally and is regularly recommended by experts who have reviewed over 5,000 sites related to gambling, has an incredible track record.

The franchise recorded 10,709 wins across regular seasons, post-season, division, and World Series titles. Among these are 27 World Series titles, giving the team the most title wins in MLB history.

The San Francisco Giants, who technically have more overall wins at 11,345 across all games, come second based only on World Series titles. As of 2021, the team has eight titles and is tied with the Boston Red Socks.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the spectrum, the Philadelphia Phillies have accumulated over 11,150 losses. This shocking number makes them the team with the highest losses despite the fact they have also won two World Series titles and pennants.

Likewise, while the Atlanta Braves have claimed 17 pennants and three World Series titles, their total losses are just under 11,000. However, the team’s losses tend to come in waves, as they have never had a significant losing streak.

National Hockey League (NHL)

The NHL is home to some of the most formidable franchises in American sports, who put everything on the line to ensure their victories. Among these, none competes as hard as the Boston Bruins.

Winning a total of 3,506 games across seasons, playoffs, and championships by 2021, the Bruins are a force to be reckoned with. They also hold six Stanley Cup wins, tying them with the Chicago Blackhawks for the position of fourth most wins in the NHL.

Hot on their tails, the Detroit Red Wings also have an incredible number of wins. The Red Wings have recorded 3,443 victories. Of these, 11 have been Stanley Cup wins, making them the team with the third most wins in history.

On the other end of the scale we have the Arizona Coyotes, which have recorded more than 2,300 losses and have yet to win any major title. The team is known for their 18-game losing streak during the 2022/2023 season.

The Florida Panthers have fared only slightly better, registering total losses over the 1,500 mark. Like the Coyotes, they have never won any significant title other than an Eastern Conference title win in 1996. Their longest losing streak, in 1998, saw the franchise defeated 13 times before they finally turned things around.

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