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Warriors offseason preview: Free agents, possible trades & the Draymond question

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The reigning champions are no longer in contention for an NBA championship, meaning it’s time to discuss the Warriors offseason plans in 2023. This could either be the end of one of the greatest NBA dynasties of all time or more fuel and motivation to come back even stronger.

Warriors offseason plans 2023

With that in mind, we’ll take a look at some of the Warriors offseason rumors, their upcoming free agents, and several issues they need to address in the next couple of months if they want to straighten the ship and make another championship run.

Free agents

Obviously, the Warriors offseason plans 2023 will hinge tremendously on what upcoming Warriors free agents Donte DiVincenzo and Draymond Green decide to do. JaMychal Green gave them solid playoff minutes and positional versatility, but he didn’t play enough in the regular season to be considered a big blow if he leaves.

As for Ty Jerome and Anthony Lamb, they were regular contributors before the playoffs but pretty much fell out of the rotation. Last but not least, losing Andre Iguodala at this point in his career won’t be much of a factor, either.

Potential targets

The Warriors could be quite tight in terms of money. But they’re still one of the teams to beat in the league until proven otherwise, so there could be multiple guys looking to team up with Stephen Curry, even if that means taking a pay cut or swallowing their pride.


That’s why some of the Warriors free agency targets in 2023 could consist of Dario Saric, Jalen McDaniels, or even Dillon Brooks — yeah, we know what you’re thinking, but Draymond Green and Klay Thompson might not even be there. They could also look to trade for Gary Harris or Dorian Finney-Smith.

Bob Myers’ future

The Warriors may lose several key members of their dynasty in the offseason, and not just on the court. Reports state that there have been no talks between the team and GM Bob Myers about a contract extension, and he should have plenty of offers sitting on his desk right now.

Myers didn’t draft Stephen Curry or Klay Thompson, but he’s done everything ever since to uplift this franchise, including signing Steve Kerr. He’s been the mastermind behind multiple trades, and his relationship with the team’s stars could go a long way as well.

Simply put, Myers was a big reason why Draymond Green took a pay cut, and why Klay Thompson has never even thought of leaving the Bay Area. So, if he leaves, where does that leave the team? Will other guys follow him out the door?

Will Draymond Green leave?

On that same note, we’ve already established that Draymond Green has a player option. There have been rumors about his desire to leave, and he made it quite clear that he wants to get a max contract extension, which seems unlikely at this point.


Green is represented by Klutch Sports and Rich Paul. He also represents a couple of guys from the Los Angeles Lakers called LeBron James and Anthony Davis; you may have heard of them. Also, he knows he did wrong when he punched Jordan Poole, so he may have lost his credibility in the locker room.

What about Klay Thompson?

Klay Thompson won’t be a free agent until 2024 and he’s made it quite clear that he wants to finish his career as a Warrior. But the team reportedly wants him to take a pay cut, and why should he? It’s not like he hasn’t won a championship and would need another one for validation.

Thompson has never complained about Stephen Curry getting most of the spotlight, even knowing that he could go somewhere else and be a primary scoring option, even at this point in his career. He’s still one of the greatest shooters of all time and an elite backcourt defender, so he’s worth every penny that could be coming his way.

Of course, his trade value may not be as high as his free agent value, but the Dubs need to weigh up all their options. A new GM won’t have any ties to him, so he may not hesitate to make a tough call and separate the Splash Brothers.

Jordan Poole and Jonathan Kuminga: Trade or keep

Last but not least, Jonathan Kuminga and Jordan Poole have made it clear that they’re not satisfied with their current playing time. Kuminga’s camp will reportedly push for a trade, while Poole openly called Steve Kerr out for messing with his rhythm.

Trading Poole doesn’t look like such a bad idea after his terrible postseason, not only because of his struggles on the court but because of how he dealt with criticism. He snubbed his veterans and his coaches, and he’s handling himself differently since signing that big contract. There’s still a chance he turns out to be a superstar, but the Warriors may have rushed to pay him.

Kuminga has the potential to be one of the best two-way players in the game. His athleticism and length make him a physical mismatch against most players. But he’s inconsistent, and there have been reports of him not being mature or patient enough.

The Warriors can’t afford to develop young players while Stephen Curry is still in his prime, but they should only trade them if they can get another superstar in return.

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