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Weighing up the likelihood of a Ben Simmons for James Harden trade

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The Ben Simmons James Harden trade rumors are reportedly no longer rumors.

According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania the Nets are “open to discussing” a Ben Simmons James Harden trade before the deadline.

That is the beauty of NBA trade deadline news folks. Just when you think that you covered all possible NBA trade deadline predictions, a Ben Simmons James Harden trade gets thrown on the table.

All of a sudden you find yourself constantly checking your phone for that blockbuster notification while already picturing the Sixers and Nets facing off in the playoffs.

Ben Simmons James Harden trade

Ever since Daryl Morey took over as Sixers President of Basketball Operations, he’s been trying to acquire James Harden. There are also many Nets trade rumors reporting that Harden is not happy with his role in Brooklyn and frustrated with Kyrie Irving’s vaccination drama.


Speaking of drama, the whole Ben Simmons saga has been a disaster for both sides. The Sixers trade rumors have been the topic of all NBA media since last year’s playoffs.

So a Ben Simmons James Harden trade does make sense on paper, but there are a few other things to consider.

Let’s look at how this blockbuster trade will affect both teams.

Brooklyn’s new big 3

If you’re the Nets, shopping Harden is a good idea. Harden has a player option worth $47.4 million next year, and he openly stated that he will explore his options during free agency. Getting something for him now is always better than getting nothing for him later.


Simmons is under contract for the next three and a half years and is considerably younger than Harden. While Simmons carries considerable risk with his attitude and his shooting, his role on the Nets’ current roster would be different.

Playing next to Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving means that his role would be centered on defense rather than on offense and that’s a good thing.

Simmons is an elite defender that can guard multiple positions. He can take the load off Durant defensively and still be lethal in transition.

This looks perfect in a perfect world. But Durant is injury prone, and Irving’s vaccination status means he can only play away games.

Harden is a former MVP and a proven leader who can carry a team. Can Simmons do the same when Durant and Irving are out?

Harden and Morey reunited

Daryl Morey is like a Puma. He stalks his prey patiently and with finesse, and when the time is right he pounces!

A Harden to Sixers trade would be his biggest kill!

Adding Harden now next to Joel Embiid could mean a trip to the finals for the Sixers. Harden is the most dominant iso-scorer, and Embiid is the most dominant post-scorer. Guarding them would be a nightmare. They would easily be the NBA’s most lethal 1-2 punch.

But before we put Harden in a Sixers jersey, we have to go back to Morey. The Nets are looking for another young player to be included in the Simmons trade.

If Tyrese Maxey is what they are looking for, then Morey has shown us before that he will not pull the trigger.

Maxey has thrived in Simmons’ absence. The 21-year-old has exceptional basketball IQ, blazes defenders to the rim, and can shoot. Morey refused to include him in the deal when Harden was part of the Rockets, and he will not include him now.

If the Nets would consider Matisse Thybulle or Seth Curry, then Morey and Harden could be reunited before the deadline.

What should we expect?

Even though both teams are open to discussion, this does not mean that a deal is going to be made.

Morey has proven time and time again that he can wait, and Harden’s player option at the end of the season could mean that he will.

But we can hope, can’t we?

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