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Who should the Vikings hire to replace Mike Zimmer?

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Vikings head coach candidates 2022 are emerging after Mike Zimmer was fired on Monday. Following yet another disappointing season, the team finally decided enough was enough. They fought hard week in and week out but failed to close out games more often than not.

Vikings head coach candidates 2022

So, now that we’ve seen Mike Zimmer fired, one can’t help but wonder what’s next for the Minnesota Vikings. Kirk Cousins will be playing in a contract year in 2022 and some wonder whether they would be better off by just trading him in the offseason.

That’s just one of the many hurdles the Vikings’ next head coach will have to get by. But, who’s the best guy for the job? Who should the Vikings target? Let’s take a look at the top 5 best candidates for them.

5. Brian Daboll

Brian Daboll has been an instrumental piece in Josh Allen‘s development. He’s been in charge of the Buffalo Bills’ offense for the past four years and helped Allen go from a shaky prospect to a perennial MVP candidate and top-5 QB in the league.

Daboll has plenty of experience as an assistant coach. He’s been in the passenger’s seat for nearly two decades and has a reputation for being a master at making adjustments. The Vikings could certainly use one of the best offensive minds in the business.


4. Dan Quinn

The 28-3 will always haunt Dan Quinn and will forever be a stain on his résumé. Then again, it’s not a coincidence to see the Atlanta Falcons struggling so badly after his departure. Also, he’s done a magnificent job with the Dallas Cowboys’ formerly struggling defense.

Quinn is one of the best head coach candidates any team should consider right now. He’s infamous for letting big leads slip right through his fingers and could be a much better coach when it comes to clock management. But his success in defense is unquestioned.

3. Josh McDaniels

How long until Josh McDaniels finally spreads his wings and leaves Bill Belichick’s tutelage? We know it’s been long enough and he should get a head coaching job, even if he’s repeatedly stated that he’s comfortable with the current state of his career.

McDaniels found plenty of success working with Tom Brady and has done a great job with Mac Jones. Kirk Cousins isn’t the strong-minded competitor both of those QBs are, but McDaniels could help the Vikings finally establish the running attack with Dalvin Cook as the focal point of the offense.

2. Brian Flores

Brian Flores did a great job with the hand he was dealt in Miami. He turned the Miami Dolphins into an unlikely contender last year, and even though they regressed this season, they were playoff hopefuls late into the season. It won’t be long before he gets another shot at an HC gig.

Under Flores, the Dolphins put together one of the best defensive units in the league. He was often conservative in the offense and that hurt him more often than not. Then again, he looks tailor-made for the Vikings’ roster and current needs.

1. Kellen Moore

The Dallas Cowboys had one of the best offenses in the league last year when Dak Prescott was healthy, and then again during the first half of this season. And, even though they went through some big regression, most of that should be credited to Mike McCarthy’s game management and the offensive line’s poor display.

Kellen Moore has proven to be a more-than-competent offensive mind. The Cowboys found the offensive balance they lacked for years. There will be questions about his age, as he’s only months older than the Vikings’ starting QB, but Matt LaFleur, Sean McVay, and Kliff Kingsbury have already proven that it shouldn’t be a problem.

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