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The Lakers should definitely consider supporting GamStop program starting today. The benefits of this support are impressive and all fans and fanatics will appreciate them.

You may know that many sports teams are considering or have started supporting GamStop. This is a huge advantage to the realm of sport and one that can make a massive difference. The support and even endorsement can make a difference and provide important benefits to fans all over the world.

The Lakers are one of the best teams in the world which makes this support even more significant. Fans will want to get these benefits and the Lakers will want to help them. It is just a matter of time before the support begins and we believe it is going to be massive. There are a few benefits we would like to discuss below.

What is GamStop betting exclusion

GamStop is a UK-based platform that helps players who suffer from gambling issues. If you are one of the players who have this issue you can create a free account on the platform. You will see that the platform is user-friendly and easy to use. Once you are done with the creation process you can choose the length of self-exclusion. You can choose 6 months if you like. You can choose 5 years if you want.

During the time of self-exclusion, players are unable to play games at all the gambling sites that support GamStop. In the United Kingdom, for instance, all UKGC gambling sites must support this platform. Obviously, there are many online sportsbooks without GamStop that will be available for players who registered accidentally, so it is always a great idea to use it. There is no way to cancel the self-exclusion and there is no way to bypass it or do anything else.


Once you are done with the self-exclusion or better said it ends, you can contact customer support and they will remove the ban. This takes up to 24 hours and once it is done a player can play the games and place any bet he/she likes once again.

Effective promotion

There is no need to add that the Lakers have millions of fans all over the world. These are the people who will watch every game and who will want the things they see on the shirts of the team they love. Now imagine if they see the name GamStop. This means that millions of people will know about the platform in a second and they will want to know more.

Those people can learn all about GamStop within seconds and they will realize one thing. They have the help they need if they need it. In other words, this support can spread the word about GamStop like anything else and millions of people will realize that they can get free help with gambling addiction.

The situation becomes even more important if we know that a lot of fans are bettors as well. These people will place bets on the team they like. Nobody knows and doesn’t like the fact that gambling or in this case betting addiction can happen and it can have a huge, negative effect on people. GamStop can put an end to all of this and help those fans in a second. All those fans need to know is that GamStop is available and ready to use.

Gambling endorsements can be a huge problem

If or when the Lakers start supporting GamStop, gambling endorsements will lose their passion and importance. You need to know that these deals can and will have a huge impact on gambling addiction. As we saw earlier, people want the things that they see on Lakers jerseys. It is one of the most famous clubs in NBA. They will want to know more about GamStop in this scenario but they won’t see brands that are related to gambling and betting.


Without this exposure, fewer people will want to bet which means that the number of people with gambling and betting addiction will decrease significantly. If we imagine that many sports clubs and teams do the same thing, and they probably will at some point, we can deduce the obvious. A massive decrease in gambling addiction is guaranteed and this is the way the world should be.

These supports and sponsorships have been a huge question for a long time. The potential is massive and there are countless additional benefits you will need to know about and fans will always get. As such, we believe that it is just a matter of time before the support begins.

The final word

The Lakers support of GamStop is going to happen sooner than you may believe. It is always great to follow the news and know everything immediately after it is published.

It is always a good idea to support this self-exclusion program.

The support will be massive and brings countless benefits to fans all around the world. The actual list of benefits is much longer, but we wanted to share with you the most essential ones. Now you can see why all sports teams should support GamStop starting today.

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