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Why the NFL is the most affluent sports league

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The National Football League (NFL) is the most popular and successful sports league in the United States. It consists of 32 teams equally divided into two conferences – the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC).

The NFL is one of the top professional sports leagues in North America. In terms of revenue, it is also the most affluent professional sports league in the world. In 2018, the NFL generated revenue of up to 16 billion dollars.

Overall, the national football league generates more revenue than the National Basketball Association. If you enjoy being at the edge of your seat every now and then, betting on NBA basketball teams that look the most promising is a sure way to achieve this feeling.

How does the NFL generate its income?

The NFL is the most lucrative league in the United States and in the world. Some of the ways it generates its income are as follows.

Television views

The high revenue is largely due to deals and visibility on television. Football is the most popular sport that viewers watch on TV in general.


The NFL earns a lot of money from its contracts worth Fox, CBS, ESPN, and NBC. The annual TV dues from other leagues are smaller when compared to others.

Stadium views

NFL games have made up to 55% of many TV shows. Not everyone watches football at home. Fans also come to the stadium to watch their favorite matches. In fact, statistics suggest that physical attendance increases every year, proving that the NFL is growing significantly.

Even though ticket sales represent a significant source of income for individual NFL clubs, they are still small in comparison to the rapidly increasing money from TV deals.

Concession deals

NFL games commonly sell out, with an estimated average ticket price of $151 and a stadium capacity of about 70,000 people. If there is no room for improvements, sports teams can decide to rebuild their stadiums so that more seats and concessions are added.

Although expensive and intrusive, these renovations typically pay off. NFL teams can also use their stadiums to hold non-football activities such as concerts. However, there are still restrictions on the potential for income development from these events.


Licensing deals

The NFL also makes its revenue by selling businesses the right to sell goods that bear the NFL’s logo, even though its massive TV deals account for the majority of its domestic earnings.

Corporate sponsors

NFL teams, similar to clubs in the Premier League where some of the most famous football players compete, receive money from corporate sponsors to display their logos on products, TV transitions, and player jerseys.

The naming rights to NFL stadiums are the most sought-after sponsorships, which is also a very profitable avenue.

Final thoughts

The NFL is one of the most profitable sports leagues in the United States. It is a private entity that is not obliged to release how much it makes.

Most of the money comes from marketing deals and TV shows. However, it is also vulnerable to unexpected challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

With that said, the National Football League is likely to continue being highly profitable as Americans, and the wider world, cannot do without the beloved sport.

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