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Will Zach Wilson perform straight away for the Jets?

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After the Jets drafted quarterback Zach Wilson out of BYU, I am going to take a look at whether Wilson will perform straight away in New York and I will also compare him to the other four QB’s taken in round one.

As well as the Jets taking Wilson, Jacksonville drafted Trevor Lawrence number one overall, San Francisco took Trey Lance at three, Chicago traded up for Justin Fields and division rivals to Gang Green, New England drafted Alabama’s Mac Jones.

It is going to be interesting to see yet another man under centre for the Jets and another sit back, wait and see season for the New York faithful. Gang Green haven’t had a franchise QB since broadway Joe Namath. It’s hoped that Wilson will be the saviour and be the next broadway Joe!

As we look at some of the other quarterbacks who got drafted, I will work out who the Utah born’s biggest competition is going to be.

The AFC East was dominated by the New England Patriots for years, decades even. It seems when Tom Brady left, Josh Allen and Buffalo got better so the Bills are now the team to beat in that division. So, Wilson will be facing off against former Alabama Crimson tide QB, Mac Jones twice a year for the foreseeable future. You could argue he is the biggest competition the 21-year-old will come across.


However, for me it isn’t Tom Brady’s successor. For one, it isn’t yet known when he will get the starting job because they have Cam Newton under contract.

For so long through the 2020 season, it seemed to be the Jets who would get the number one overall pick but after they won two games, it was the Jacksonville Jaguars – who went onto draft Trevor Lawrence out of Clemson. And that is the guy who I think will be the biggest competition for Wilson.

The Jets will be playing the Jags at the MetLife Stadium this coming season, it’ll be pick number one against two, Lawrence versus Wilson.

Both sides had similar downfalls in 2020 and both should have similar upward trajectories and could be the teams who trouble the AFC conference in years to come. New York and Jacksonville might be playing each other in much bigger games than they will in the 2021 regular season, if the two QB’s are to be the so called guys, therefore I think the former Clemson play caller will be Wilson’s biggest target to strike down.

Many thought Justin Fields would go number two overall, or at least should have been the second best QB in the draft but it wasn’t to be and the BYU Cougar got the accolade.


Coming out of college, Wilson had the best arm, but he might not be as athletic as Trevor Lawrence. Mac Jones is probably the most pro ready quarterback out of them all and going to a coaching program such as the Patriots, Jones will more than likely have the best start to NFL life.

We await to see whether Zach Wilson can perform straight away for the Jets but he was the pick that best suited the Jets and Gang Green faithful will look forward to Autumn.

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