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Does a Zach LaVine trade make sense for any team?

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The Chicago Bulls might be looking to trade Zach LaVine. Chicago has a new front office, a new coach in Billy Donovan, and the fourth overall pick in the upcoming NBA Draft.

Jeremy Woo claimed that some around the league believe LaVine could be available via a trade this offseason. Kevin O’Connor previously reported that LaVine has attracted the attention of teams, including the Dallas Mavericks.

LaVine has a couple of years left on his contract at just under $20 million per year. It’s a very tradeable contract for a 25-point-per-game scorer, an exceptional athlete and an above-average three-point shooter. The concern with LaVine, though, has always been that he’s an empty stats guy. That’s thrown at scorers on bad teams often, but his poor defence and not great play making is a concern for contending teams.

LaVine turned the ball over 3.4 times per contest in each of the last two seasons. He doesn’t assist much more than that – sitting in around four in the last three seasons.

Dallas, in the midst of the Giannis Antetokounmpo sweepstakes, are unlikely to compromise 2021 cap space for LaVine. Other landing spots, like Philadelphia, would need to include a bad contract in return like Al Horford. A return to the Timberwolves could be negotiated if the Bulls want the first overall pick, but how good is a D’Angelo Russell and LaVine backcourt?


While the Bulls say they’ll listen to trade offers for LaVine, that doesn’t mean a deal is feasible. He’s a player they will want a proper return for and the price being asked is likely much higher than any team is willing to pay. A LaVine trade could make more sense either once Antetokounmpo is off the market or when he’s an expiring next offseason. So many teams are wary of committing to salaries beyond 2021.

Maybe a case could have been made for the Lakers. LaVine might have been a nice third option next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The Dennis Schroder trade has solved that need.

It’s not easy to find landing spots for LaVine. Rebuilding teams don’t become playoff teams by adding him. Contenders are looking for a better defender as their third option. Those fringe playoff teams like the Orlando Magic would get better with LaVine, but they don’t improve enough to justify the price Chicago would ask.

There’s unlikely to be the market for LaVine that the Bulls would like. Their best option is to see what Billy Donovan can do with LaVine and their talented big man duo.

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