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How many Super Bowls have the San Francisco 49ers won?

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We all remember how Joe Flacco pulled off one of the biggest Super Bowl upsets of all time when the Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers in SB XLVII. But what about those 49ers Super Bowl wins? You’d have to go way back to talk about them.

49ers Super Bowl wins

It’s been quite some time since the San Francisco 49ers last took the Vince Lombardi trophy home. They came close again in SB LIV, but couldn’t get past Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. Even so, they’re still one of the winningest teams in NFL history.

The Bay’s finest, the 49ers, have won five Super Bowls in seven tries thus far. They’ve had two of the most iconic quarterbacks ever: Joe Montana and Steve Young, which is why some fans aren’t that fond of guys like Jimmy Garoppolo.

The Niners have had their fair share of superstars and have beaten some iconic teams. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the Niners Super Bowl wins, the context, and the score. Hopefully, it won’t be long until they can add more to this list.

Super Bowl XVI: 49ers 26 – 21 Bengals

More than 85 million Americans tuned in to watch the very first of five 49ers Super Bowl wins. The Niners were one-point favorites when they faced the Cincinnati Bengals at Pontiac Silverdome in Michigan in the very first Super Bowl played in a cold-weather city. However, the weather was nothing compared to the Niners’ ice-cold defense.


Despite allowing 375 yards, San Francisco forced four turnovers and helped them jump to an impressive 20-0 lead at halftime. The Niners held on despite Ken Anderson‘s impressive performance in the second half.

Also, Dan Ross torched them for 104 yards and 2 scores on 11 receptions. At the end of the day, Joe Montana only needed to throw for 157 yards and one score while his defense carried him to his first Super Bowl ring.

Super Bowl XIX: 49ers 38 – 16 Dolphins

This has to be one of their most iconic wins, as it came against perhaps the best among the best Super Bowl losing teams of all time.

With legendary QB Dan Marino at the helm, the Miami Dolphins were the team to beat for most of the season, starting off the campaign 11-0 and finishing with a more than impressive 14-2 record.

Both of the Dolphins’ losses were quite close, and Marino was poised to achieve the ultimate glory in just his second season in the league by winning a ring. However, Joe Montana proved why he was considered the greatest of all time, stepping up when it mattered the most and throwing for a whopping 331 yards to go along with three scores.


Notably, Marino would never get another chance to win a Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XXIII: 49ers 20 – 16 Bengals

This rematch was closer than some expected, as the Niners entered the game favored by a touchdown. There was plenty of bad blood between these two teams, especially from the Cincinnati Bengals side, after ending on the losing side of their first Super Bowl meeting.

Notably, after a hard-fought first half with few points scored, it seemed like they had this one in the bag.

The Bengals were on top 16-13 when the Niners got the ball on their own eight-yard line with little over three minutes to play. Then Joe Montana orchestrated one of the most iconic drives of his career, capping off that game-winning drive with a beautiful pass to John Taylor for the win.

Super Bowl XXIV: 49ers 55 – 10 Broncos

Old-school 49ers fans may remember this game with a big smile, and for very good reason. It was beatdown from the opening kickoff, as Denver Broncos fans fleed the scene with more than a quarter left to play. Joe Montana and the Niners were just too much of an offensive juggernaut, and the Broncos were over their heads from the beginning. It was flat-out humiliating and one of the most lopsided games in Super Bowl history.

John Elway struggled to move the chains and put his team in a position to succeed against the Niners’ stout, physical defensive unit. The Niners were favored by 12 points, and Montana made sure to top that figure by throwing for 297 yards and a whopping five touchdowns.

Super Bowl XXIX: 49ers 49 – 26 Chargers

Notably, their final title came in what thousands of fans consider the worst Super Bowl ever. It was a mismatch from start to finish, as the San Diego Chargers were no rival, and not many people could even explain how they managed to reach the ultimate stage in the first place.

The Niners, who were walking the final steps of their dynasty, were favored by as many as 18.5 points in this game. Steve Young torched the Chargers for six touchdowns in a game they had been in control of since the opening kickoff.

I mean, how was that mediocre Chargers team going to stop Deion Sanders, Richard Dent, John Taylor, and Jerry Rice? It was such a whopping that the Chargers haven’t even made it back to the big game.

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