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Lombardi Trophy: Value, size, history, and previous winners

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The Super Bowl is the NFL’s annual championship game. This is where the champions from both American Football and National Football Conferences battle for glory. Both of these teams have one ultimate goal—and that’s winning the prestigious Vince Lombardi trophy.

Super Bowl trophy

The Vince Lombardi trophy is one of the most famous and iconic trophies in sports. It’s awarded to the winner of the annual Super Bowl event.

We’ll discuss the value, size, history, and previous winners of the Super Bowl trophy in this article. Here’s the Lombardi trophy explained.

Who keeps the Super Bowl trophy?

Unlike the Stanley Cup, the Lombardi trophy is created and awarded to the Super Bowl champion each year.

The winning team maintains permanent possession of it.


How much is the Lombardi trophy worth?

The Super Bowl trophy value is $50,000 and it is made from sterling silver. This prestigious trophy takes four months to complete.

Players don’t get to take home the original trophy. Instead, each player on the winning team gets a small replica of the trophy which approximately is worth $1,400.

Why is it called the Lombardi trophy?

The Super Bowl trophy is named after former Green Bay Packers head coach, Vince Lombardi.

Before it was called the Lombardi Trophy, the trophy was called the World Professional Championship Trophy. It was given to the champions of the Super Bowl starting in 1967, which was called the AFL-NFL Championship Game back then. And Lombardi was the first coach to win it in 1967.

Four years later, the NFL decided to change the trophy name to “Vince Lombardi Trophy” to honor the legendary coach after his passing in 1969.


Apart from being the first coach to win the Super Bowl, Lombardi has a legendary resume. He won five championship titles within nine years. Moreover, Lombardi never had a losing season as head coach in the NFL. He amassed 96 wins, 34 losses, and 6 ties (73.8%) in the regular season, and 9 wins and 1 loss (90%) in the postseason.

The first team to receive the renamed Lombardi trophy was the Baltimore Colts, who defeated the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl V in 1971.

What’s the Super Bowl trophy made of?

The Super Bowl trophy’s design started when Oscar Riedner, Tiffany & Co.’s vice president, roughly sketched the trophy on a cocktail napkin with the NFL commissioner in 1966. Up to this date, Tiffany & Co. is still the one who crafts the said trophy. It’s made in Cumberland, Rhode Island.

The trophy is made of sterling silver which stands 22 inches high and weighs 7 pounds. It’s designed to depict a regulation-size football in kicking position.

The words “Vince Lombardi Trophy” and the NFL logo are engraved on the base of the trophy. After the Super Bowl winner is announced, the trophy is sent back to Tiffany & Co. to engrave the winning team’s name and the date and final score of the Super Bowl.

Previous winners of Lombardi trophy

Since 1967, the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers have won the most Super Bowls with six championships, while the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers have five championships.

Here’s the full list of the teams that have won the Lombardi Trophy.

1967 – Green Bay Packers

1968 – Green Bay Packers

1969 – New York Jets

1970 – Kansas City Chiefs

1971 – Baltimore Colts

1972 – Dallas Cowboys

1973 – Miami Dolphins

1974 – Miami Dolphins

1975 – Pittsburgh Steelers

1976 – Pittsburgh Steelers

1977 – Oakland Raiders

1978 – Dallas Cowboys

1979 – Pittsburgh Steelers

1980 – Pittsburgh Steelers

1981 – Oakland Raiders

1982 – San Francisco 49ers

1983 – Washington Redskins

1984 – Los Angeles Raiders

1985 – San Francisco 49ers

1986 – Chicago Bears

1987 – New York Giants

1988 – Washington Redskins

1989 – San Francisco 49ers

1990 – San Francisco 49ers

1991 – New York Giants

1992 – Washington Redskins

1993 – Dallas Cowboys

1994 – Dallas Cowboys

1995 – San Francisco 49ers

1996 – Dallas Cowboys

1997 – Green Bay Packers

1998 – Denver Broncos

1999 – Denver Broncos

2000 – St. Louis Rams

2001 – Baltimore Ravens

2002 – New England Patriots

2003 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2004 – New England Patriots

2005 – New England Patriots

2006 – Pittsburgh Steelers

2007 – Indianapolis Colts

2008 – New York Giants

2009 – Pittsburgh Steelers

2010 – New Orleans Saints

2011 – Green Bay Packers

2012 – New York Giants

2013 – Baltimore Ravens

2014 – Seattle Seahawks

2015 – New England Patriots

2016 – Denver Broncos

2017 – New England Patriots

2018 – Philadelphia Eagles

2019 – New England Patriots

2020 – Kansas City Chiefs

2021 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2022 — Los Angeles Rams

2023 — Kansas City Chiefs

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