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Five greatest Allen Iverson Reebok shoes of all-time

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A former MVP, Allen Iverson is arguably one of the greatest shooting guards in NBA history. Even though he’s just a 6-foot guard, he dominated the league with his shifty crossovers and dropped 30 points on any given night. While he didn’t win a championship, his resume consists of one MVP award, four scoring titles, and 11 All-Star appearances.

AI is not just legendary on the court but off the court as well. We all know him wearing baggy and stylish clothes before the game—representing the hip-hop culture well. His cultural influence would soon be cemented by having a lifetime deal with a particular sneaker brand.

Best Allen Iverson shoes

After being drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers in 1997, he signed a sneaker deal with Reebok. Who would’ve thought a rookie would have a signature sneaker on his first year? He’s one of the few NBA players who have done this feat. There’s no doubt that AI has been the face of Reebok, even up to this date.

Iverson was ultimately loved by fans, not because of his clothes, but his sneakers. AI’s sneakers were instant classics. We’ll take a look at the five greatest Allen Iverson shoes of all time and where to buy them.

Reebok Answer 5

“Yo check ’em out, it’s the new A5’s you gotta rock ‘em, they even put a zone in the league to try to stop him”.


Featured in one of the greatest sneaker commercials of all time, the “Answer 5” was remembered well because of this ad featuring Jadakiss.

The catchy lyrics echoed through every corner of the world. After all, these were released after Iverson’s MVP season and at the peak of Iverson’s game.

Buy the “Answer 5” at Reebok. Availability may vary

Reebok Answer 3

AI has become one of the league’s best scorers in his 4th season During this time, he was starting to gain fans exponentially due to his revolutionary fashion style. The “Answer 3” were the ones he wore during this year when he won his first scoring title and was selected All-NBA first team.


The Answer 3 features a full-grain leather upper, the classic DMX Lite cushioning, and the iconic “I3” logo.

Reebok Question

When AI came to the league as a rookie, he debuted the “Question” as his first signature sneaker. For a rookie having a signature line already, you know he’s the real deal. These were the shoes where he won the Rookie of the Year award and crossed Michael Jordan.

The timeless honeycomb design in the midsole has been coveted by sneakerheads alike for decades. The style won’t go out forever. After all, these were Iverson’s favorite shoes.

Buy the “Question” at Reebok. Availability may vary. The Reebok Question is also available at Footlocker

Reebok Answer 1

The “Answer 1” was worn by AI during his sophomore season in 1998. These are significant since these were the sneakers that propelled AI into superstardom.

With regards to its technology, it’s the first sneaker that features DMX cushioning and concealed lacing system. It also features a big “I3” logo on the heel.

Reebok Answer 4

Simply put, the “Answer 4” is legendary. He wore it during his MVP season where he averaged 31 points per game and led the Philadelphia 76ers to the finals against the Los Angeles Lakers.

What made this even more classic is the iconic “stepover” against Ty Lue in Game 1 of the Finals. The “stepover” has been deemed as one of the most disrespectful moments in sports. You wouldn’t find a basketball fan that doesn’t know about this iconic moment.

When it comes to technology, the “Answer 4” had full-length DMX cushioning, upper shroud, innovative lacing system, and zipper. A clear upgrade over the other answers and questions.

AI wearing the 4s while winning MVP and going to the NBA Finals cemented it as one of his best sneakers ever.

Buy the “Answer 4” at Reebok. Availability may vary.

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