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Five ways the Warriors can trade for a star using Andrew Wiggins

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It’s no secret that Golden State wants to win now. Pursuing another star is one of the best moves they can do since they have draft picks and assets. That being said, an Andrew Wiggins trade is most likely to happen should they pursue a star in the offseason.

Andrew Wiggins trade rumors 2021

Over the past years, Wiggins developed into a great two-way player. While it’s still far from his No. 1 pick expectation, his defense and athleticism are valuable for any team.

Here are five potential trades should the Warriors trade Wiggins for a star…

Raptors shop Siakam for Wiggins and Wiseman

Golden State receives: Pascal Siakam
Toronto receives: Andrew Wiggins, James Wiseman, No. 7 pick

Golden State is actively looking for another star that fits in their system. Their championship window is closing, and it makes sense to go for an Andrew Wiggins trade plus some draft assets. Pascal Siakam can be that “third guy”.


This trade gives Golden State a solid two-way player in the wing for the long term. Siakam may not be the best fit for them as he shot the three-ball poorly (30%) last season, but he can score, defend multiple positions, and rebound. In addition, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson‘s ridiculous three-point shooting can give Siakam a lot of room to operate in the paint.

Meanwhile, Toronto absorbs Wiggins’ bloated contract. They also get their potential franchise center in James Wiseman and another lottery pick in the 2021 NBA draft.

Wizards go full rebuild mode

Golden State receives: Bradley Beal, Davis Bertans
Washington receives: Andrew Wiggins, James Wiseman, No. 7 pick, No. 14 pick

It was rumored that the Warriors are very interested in Bradley Beal should he become available. Rather than drafting more rookies, a veteran who can help them contend for the NBA title makes more sense.


Landing Beal will make them an instant championship-favorites once again. Curry and Beal averaged 30+ points per game last season, and teaming up would make the Warriors an offensive juggernaut right off the bat. That’s 60+ points per game for just two players.

Meanwhile, Washington can go full rebuild mode and develop Wiseman further. This also lets Wiggins prove himself as a legit two-way star with a rebuilding Wizards roster.

Pacers trade Turner for Wiggins and picks

Golden State receives: Myles Turner, T.J. Warren, No. 13 pick
Indiana receives: Andrew Wiggins, No. 7 pick, No. 14 pick

Golden State might be interested in Myles Turner’s rim protection and three-point shooting. The addition of Warren proves to be the icing on the cake as these give the Warriors a solid offensive scorer in the wing. Also, they don’t have to give up Wiseman on this deal.

Meanwhile, the Pacers will have Wiggins and two lottery picks under their belt—which gives them enough talent from a stacked 2021 draft class.

Pacers move up the draft board

Golden State receives: Malcolm Brogdon, Jeremy Lamb
Indiana receives: Andrew Wiggins, No. 7 pick

Aside from Turner, Malcolm Brogdon is also on Indiana’s trade block. Getting him is only possible through an Andrew Wiggins trade so they can match salaries. If the Pacers want to move up in the draft board, they can offload Brogdon and Lamb for Wiggins and the No. 7 pick.

It’s no secret that the Pacers struggled last season. This potential deal will signal that Indiana goes in a semi-rebuild mode and find better pieces for Domantas Sabonis. Wiggins still fits in their timeline and can be that guy for the Pacers.

Blazers hit the reset button

Golden State receives: Damian Lillard
Portland receives: Andrew Wiggins, James Wiseman, Jordan Poole, No. 7 pick, No. 14 pick

It’s highly unlikely that Damian Lillard gets traded in the offseason. However, in an unlikely event that it happens, the Warriors are frontrunners to get him.

It will be a homecoming for Lillard as he was born in Oakland, California. This will give Golden State another superstar alongside Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

Meanwhile, the Blazers hit the reset button and get a plethora of draft picks. The arrival of Wiggins will also solve their defensive woes in the backcourt.

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1 thought on “Five ways the Warriors can trade for a star using Andrew Wiggins”

  1. Turner deal is almost good. Can’t include the #14, though. Swapping for #13 adds no meaningful value. Make it Wiggs, #7, and Paschall for Turner & #13, I’d pull the trigger.

    The rest are ridiculous. Wiggins may not be a start, but he’s a quality starter. We can’t give him AND the #7 away outright for ONE guy. And with Wiseman, that’s that’s a starter plus TWO quality future assets. Even for Siakam, that’s too much. Brogdon & Lamb just don’t move the needle, and the price points for Lillard & Beal are outlandish, good as they are. Given their ages, it’s basically tossing the entire future out the window for what is not an ideal fit (we already have strength at guard, especially scoring; sure, more would be nice, but not what we need most)

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