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Best gift ideas for an NBA fan in 2021

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There’s literally an endless list of basketball presents that you can give this holiday season. Whether they play basketball or are just avid fans of the sport, giving something that they are really interested in is definitely a slam dunk.

Basketball presents in 2021

Any hoop fan will appreciate a present that’s basketball or NBA-related. However, not all gifts are the same. If you want your present to stand out, read more below.

Here are the best basketball presents in 2021…

NBA Jersey

Buy an NBA jersey

Any basketball fan will always have a favorite player in the league—whether it’s LeBron James or Stephen Curry. Just imagine their reaction if you give them an NBA jersey with the name of their favorite player printed on the back.


What’s great about NBA jerseys is they are wearable on and off and court. It’s stylish enough to wear casually and when playing pick-up games. This is why giving an NBA jersey is one of the best presents for an NBA fan.

NBA jerseys can be a little bit expensive. It’s definitely worth every penny though because of its authenticity and quality. If it hurts your wallet, you can just opt to buy a replica jersey rather than the authentic one.

Basketball shoes

Buy Nike basketball shoes

Basketball shoes are a staple in hooping. Without it, a basketball player can’t play the sport properly as it involves running, jumping, and moving laterally. This is why giving shoes are one of the best basketball presents you can give to someone who plays basketball.

Keep in mind that authentic basketball shoes are expensive. Just don’t bother to buy bootleg shoes as it can lead to injuries to the one who’s using them.


Mini basketball hoop

Buy SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

Giving a mini basketball hoop will surely be enjoyed by any basketball enthusiasts, especially in tough times like today.

This gives them something to play inside their homes—whether to practice windmill dunks or develop a good shooting stroke.

A mini hoop isn’t hard to assemble and it doesn’t need that much space either. Just mount in on any door or wall and it’s all set.


Buy NBA 2k22

The 2K series is arguably the most popular and successful basketball video game of all time. This makes the NBA 2K game an enticing gift for any NBA fans out there.

But first, ask the recipient what’s their gaming machine. Are they playing on PC? PlayStation? Xbox? It will be a bummer to give them a video game incompatible with what they’re using. You also need to decide whether or not to give them a physical or digital copy. Learn more about the game in our NBA 2K22 review.

Retro NBA jacket

Buy a Mitchell & Ness retro jacket

A classic gift for an NBA fan. Remember the big red hawk logo of the Hawks? Or even the retro grizzly bear logo of the Grizzlies? These are all utilized in some of the jackets that players wore in warmups.

Nowadays, throwback jackets are very popular albeit expensive. These vintage-looking and colorful designs are arguably better than some of the modern designs.

When it comes to retro jackets, it’s no secret that Mitchell & Ness is the best in business. Consider buying a vintage NBA jacket for an avid basketball fan.

Funko Pop

Funko pops are one of the most popular collectibles nowadays. It’s simply cute and affordable. Without breaking the bank, one can collect a plethora of vinyl figures in no time.

If you know someone who likes a certain NBA player, then giving them a Funko Pop of that player is always a great idea. There’s a wide range of different poses and designs to choose from.

NBA headwear

Buy NBA headwear

There’s a wide variety of NBA-themed headwear you can give as a present. Beanies, snapbacks, baseball caps, you name it.

These hats usually have an NBA team logo on the center—allowing diehard fans to rep their favorite team. Some hats are even a replica of the championship hat that players wore in the Finals.

Whatever the occasion may be, these hats are stylish enough to wear casually.


Buy a Wilson basketball

Every basketball fan needs at least one basketball whether for display or for practice. This is why giving a basketball is always a great idea especially if the one you’re giving the present to is a basketball player.

There’s a wide variety of basketballs out there. The quality of the leather depends on the brand. If you want the basketball that NBA players hoop in, then we recommend a Wilson basketball.

Dribbling gloves

Buy Powerhandz Weighted Anti-Grip Basketball Gloves

Do you know someone who is serious about improving their game? Then a pair of dribbling gloves are the perfect gift. Whether weighted or anti-grip, these gloves are one of the best ways in improving their ball-handling skills as it reduces the friction between the hands and the ball.

Those who want to improve their craft will definitely love this as a present. The added challenge that these gloves offer is heaven-sent for serious basketball players.

Basketball backpack

Buy Nike Elite Pro basketball backpack

A regular backpack isn’t going to cut it for basketball players. They need a bigger backpack so they can bring their basketball, shoes, clothes, accessories, water bottle, and towel to practice.

Why not give them a basketball backpack as a present instead? Whether varsity or not, this is a viable gift for basketball players because it has many uses.

What’s great about a basketball backpack is it can be used for travel, work, and school as well. It’s spacious enough for other essential items.

Performance socks

Buy Nike Elite socks

Performance socks are one of the most popular Christmas presents for a basketball fan. After all, it’s cheap, easy to wrap, and convenient in bringing to parties.

These socks come in hundreds of different colorways, styles, and designs. Apart from the style, they improve cushioning, provide additional arch support, and absorb sweat better than average socks. This is a must-have for anyone who plays basketball.

Speed and agility ladder

Buy SKLZ Speed and Agility Ladder

Basketball is more than dribbling and shooting. Players should also keep up with the physical requirements of the game through training their bodies.

Ambitious basketball players who want to take their game to the next level will definitely love a basketball drill set as a present.

For instance, an agility ladder is a great tool in improving footwork and coordination.

Basketball books

Buy Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success

There are a plethora of bestselling basketball books to give hoop fans as a present. These can be biographies of NBA legends or motivational books written by the most esteemed coaches in the NCAA and NBA.

Any basketball enthusiast will definitely enjoy reading these books. It can give them a different perspective not just in basketball, but in real life.

Basketball painting or posters

Buy basketball posters

From motivational quotes up to a snapshot of an iconic NBA moment, wall posters and paintings are a viable gift for basketball enthusiasts and the like. Who wouldn’t want a basketball-themed art or a painting of their favorite NBA player on their wall?

Just make sure to find out what’s their favorite moment or who’s their favorite player. You wouldn’t want to give a Kobe Bryant painting to a LeBron James fan. If you have the skills, you can paint it yourself— they will appreciate it more.

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