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Ranking the top 10 NFL jerseys in 2021

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The 2021 NFL season is almost here. Whether it’s our favorite team or player, we’re excited to rock the best NFL jerseys this season.

Best NFL jerseys

Nike has been the NFL’s official uniform supplier since 2012. While they are a renowned brand, there has been a lot of hits and misses when it comes to their designs.

Some are too bland and some suffer from being overdesigned. Nonetheless, they still made some of the nicest NFL uniforms out there.

Here are the top ten NFL jerseys in 2021.

10. Vikings

One word: Underrated. Purple and gold will always be a good blend. Additionally, the uniforms had a nice mix of Nordic culture in them such as the horns on the helmet and the subtle design on the shoulders.


It’s still far from being the best but they are certainly a huge upgrade compared to the previous ones.

9. Seahawks

The silver, green, and navy blue colors pop really well when the Seahawks play. Every design relates well to Seattle.

It has tapering feathers along each side of the pants and neckline as well as the “12” elements to honor the best fans in the world. The sales of these jerseys skyrocketed too all thanks to Russell Wilson. The full vibrant green uniform is just too much for the eyes though.

8. Eagles

A lot of Philly fans want the kelly green jerseys to make a comeback.


After all, they are mainly donned by Philadelphia legend, Randall Cunningham, in the 90s. And oh boy, those jerseys look great. That doesn’t mean that the midnight green color doesn’t stand out. The Eagles’ uniforms still look clean with their sleek colors and logo.

7. Cowboys

Definitely one of the classic looks in the NFL, the Cowboys’ uniforms are simple, iconic, and unique.

The star on the helmet and the blue, silver, and white colors are perfectly mixed. Dallas can never go wrong no matter what combination they wear on the field.

6. 49ers

San Francisco’s red and gold colors are classics. When it comes to their uniforms, they aren’t afraid to experiment.

Whatever combination it may be, their vintage look will always be a hit. The 49ers jerseys will still look good for a very long time even without making major upgrades.

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5. Packers

When you see green and gold, the Packers are the first thing that comes to mind.

Their solid green jerseys paired with gold helmets and pants are iconic.

Green Bay has been consistent with its color combinations. After all, it’s all about placement. They simply nailed their uniforms since the beginning.

4. Saints

No matter what the Saints are wearing, their uniforms do stand out, especially the all-black jerseys.

After all, white, black, and gold are such a good combination. The fleur des lis logo on the helmet and shoulders represents New Orleans perfectly. The Saints’ timeless look easily makes it one of the best NFL jerseys in 2021.

3. Steelers

Pittsburgh’s traditional uniforms still look great in 2021. Everything is just clean from top to bottom. The black and yellow combination complements very well.

Moreover, the colors and the Steelmark logo represent Pittsburgh perfectly. Just don’t bring back the Bumblebee jerseys, though.

2. Chargers

Los Angeles unveiled their new uniforms in 2020 and it looks great. The powder blue color is perfect on whatever combination.

The bolt logo at the shoulders, pants, and helmet adds flair to their overall look. Undoubtedly, the Chargers uniform is one of the top NFL jerseys in 2021.

1. Raiders

Simplicity is key. Las Vegas’ classic black and silver colors will always look good on the field.

Plus, they have one of the coolest logos in the league. The combination of the pirate logo, color scheme, and simple design easily make them the best NFL jersey.

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