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Five NFL podcasts every fan should subscribe to

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The NFL is one of the most followed sports leagues in the world. There are 32 teams which means that disregarding bye weeks, there are 16 games going on every week. The best NFL podcasts are among the most popular in all of sport.

With games happening typically on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays, it can be difficult for fans to stay on top of everything going on in the league without a little bit of help. Along with this, the offseason does not really give fans downtime either.

Teams are constantly making moves for new players in the forms of trades, free agency signings, and through the draft.

Best NFL podcasts

Lastly, many fans on top of following their favorite teams are involved in fantasy football.

Trying to predict which players will do well throughout a certain season along with deciding which players are worth adding to your team throughout the year can be difficult as well.


The best NFL podcasts are a great way for fans to remain on top of everything that is happening in the NFL, along with a great way to get advice for your fantasy football team.

#5: Locked On Podcasts

The first NFL podcast that fans should subscribe to is the Locked On podcast. The Locked On family of podcasts are a great way for fans to get deeper analysis on their teams.

They are an expansive family of podcasts that caters to every experience. If you only want to listen to news and breakdowns of your team, there is a Locked On podcast for that team.

Along with this, they also have a podcast that covers the biggest stories going on in the NFL every day.

Lastly, they even have a fantasy football podcasts that could help you win your league.


Most of the Locked On podcasts fall within the 20-40 minute range which makes it easily digestible for anyone to listen to during a workout or a drive to or from work.

#4: Pardon My Take

The second NFL podcast that fans should subscribe to is the Pardon My Take podcast. This is one of the most popular NFL podcasts out right now.

While they cover much more than just the NFL, it is a league that they greatly focus on. On Pardon My Take, they talk about more league wide news with interesting analysis.

This is not going to be the podcast for you if you are looking for deep an intricate takes or professional breakdowns of film.

However, it is a podcast that provides listeners with one of the most entertaining listens compared to any other podcast. Pardon My Take is a podcast in which there is great chemistry between all of the hosts.

As a result of this, it feels as if you are listening to fun conversations with friends and fans of the game rather than a formal professional briefing and recounting of the news of the NFL.

#3: Pat McAfee Show

The third NFL podcast that fans should subscribe to is the Pat McAfee Show. This podcast is hosted by former punter of the Indianapolis Colts, Pat McAfee.

He is one of the most intriguing hosts that you will ever listen to in a podcast. McAfee is always high energy with very interesting takes and insights on the NFL.

The show is cohosted by former Green Bay Packers linebacker, A.J. Hawk.

Hawk is a much calmer presence that brings the perfect balance to the show.

The Pat McAfee Show is perfect for any fan, however, if you are a Colts or Packers fan this podcast is a must listen.

During the 2020-2021 NFL season, the show hosted a segment called Aaron Rodger Tuesdays in which Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers would call into the show and be interviewed sometimes for over an hour.

Getting a closer look at one of the best quarterbacks to every play is one of the many big draws to the show.

#2: The Adam Schefter Podcast

The next podcast that all NFL fans should listen to is the Adam Schefter podcast.

Schefter is one of the leading reporters in all of the NFL. He is often the first to break big news.

On top of this, he is very knowledgeable on the game. On his podcast, you can expect intricate breakdowns on matchups along with what trades, signings, or draft picks can mean in the grand scheme of the league or a specific team.

He often brings on guests like coaches or general managers.

Looking at the game through their lens is really exciting and gives fans a chance to obtain a deeper understanding of the game.

#1: Fantasy Focus Football Show

The final podcast that all fans should check out is the Fantasy Focus Football Show. This is a one stop shop for all fantasy football players, and unquestionably one of the best NFL podcasts.

This show is owned by ESPN, meaning that it is a very professional show.

The hosts still find a way to make it an interesting and fun listen while still keeping things professional. This is a great show to help you win your league from before the draft through championship week.

Along with this, they host a show on ESPN, airing every Sunday right before the first games kick off.

This podcast features pre-draft rankings, week by week rankings, sit or start segments, and a waiver wire segment.

We have already covered the top NBA podcasts, and you can find the Franchise Sports podcasts on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play and more. 

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