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10 must-listen NFL podcasts for the 2022 season

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Football fans are looking to get updated on the latest news, rumors, stats, and scores in the upcoming season. Apart from watching TV shows and checking sports apps and websites, listening to podcasts is one of the best options for knowing what’s happening in the NFL. Around the NFL, Pardon My Take, and The Ringer NFL Show are some of the best NFL podcasts 2022 you can listen to.

Best NFL podcasts 2022

What’s great about podcasts is that it allows the speakers to go in-depth on every topic. Different guests from the football community are also invited to make the discussions more insightful and engaging.

Here are the ten must-listen football podcasts this season…

Around the NFL

The NFL’s official website has a plethora of podcasts on its network. But perhaps the best podcast in its lineup is Around the NFL—hosted by Gregg Rosenthal, Dan Hanzus, and Marc Sessler.

Around the NFL tackles anything football related. There’s nothing better than listening to a close group of friends take a deeper dive into certain players and teams while mixing it up with humor. The trio’s chemistry is unmatched.


Pardon My Take

One of the best NFL podcasts on Spotify, Pardon My Take is a great listen for football fans who are looking to burst into laughter. The two hosts Big Cat and PFT Commenter deliver some of the best and unfiltered takes and reactions in the NFL.

Apart from the comedic vibe, the two hosts offer great insights on different topics related to football. They unpack the latest stories, news, and rumors around the NFL in great detail. They also invite different guests such as players and coaches to their studio.

The Bill Barnwell Show

Bill Barnwell is one of the best NFL writers who has his own podcast. His knowledge of the game is unrivaled as he spent the last decade covering and analyzing the NFL draft, free agency, trade deadline, etc.

In the podcast, Barnwell and his guests break down interesting stories, transactions, and statistics around the league. Anyone who wants to learn more about the game of football should watch his podcast.

The Ringer NFL Show

The Ringer NFL Show is one of the best NFL podcasts 2022. This podcast covers everything about the NFL with hosts such as Jason Goff, Kevin Clark, Nora Princiotti, and many more.


The podcast airs five times a week with a different topic each day. Sundays are for breaking down Sunday NFL games; Tuesdays are for discussing the biggest NFL storylines; Wednesdays are for talking about the hottest topics in the NFL; Thursdays are for taking a deeper dive on players; Fridays are for previewing the upcoming Sunday and Monday games.

The Mina Kimes Show featuring Lenny

The Mina Kimes Show featuring Lenny is a fun and informative podcast. Mina Kimes is very knowledgeable when it comes to the game of football as she provides stats in great detail. This podcast is perfect for football fans looking for detailed analysis with a mix of humor.

In the podcast, Kimes talks about the latest NFL stories, news, and rumors with her dog, Lenny. Adding Lenny to the podcast gives the show a fun and unique twist.

The PFF NFL Podcast

On the PFF NFL Podcast, Steve Palazzolo and Sam Monson bring an in-depth analysis to each episode with their unique data insights from Pro Football Focus. As we know, PFF is one of the best providers of unique rankings, stats, and grades in the NFL.

This podcast is very informative for football fans who want to get a different perspective on football through numbers.

Ross Tucker Football Podcast

Former offensive lineman and CBS broadcaster Ross Tucker breaks down everything that is happening in the NFL daily in this podcast. He combines his knowledge and experience of football with entertainment on this show.

Apart from Tucker, there are weekly guests present on this podcast such as former Packers exec Andrew Brandt and NFL Films legend Greg Cosell. This podcast is perfect for those who want to listen to the perspective of a former NFL player.

The Athletic Football Show

One of the best NFL podcasts 2022, the Atheltic Football Show is a great listen. Robert Mays’ knowledge of football is well-documented in every episode as he provides thoughtful and engaging discussions. He also presents it in a digestible way that even an average NFL fan can understand.

In the podcast, Mays is also joined by some of the best NFL writers and analysts—Nate Tice, Mike Sando, and Diante Lee. Together, they discuss the biggest stories that are happening in the NFL.

The Fantasy Footballers

When it comes to fantasy football content, there’s nothing better than The Fantasy Footballers podcast. Fantasy experts Andy Holloway, Jason Moore, and Mike Wright are the hosts of this podcast.

The trio of experts gives a thorough analysis and solid advice on a weekly basis that will help fantasy players win their matchups and ultimately, their league. Moreover, engaging with fantasy football is one of the best ways in keeping updated on what’s happening around the NFL. Give fantasy football a try.

Inside The Huddle

Sky Sports very own Inside The Huddle is one of the best NFL podcasts UK. Neil Reynolds and Jeff Reinebold have great chemistry in this podcast. Together, they discuss the latest NFL storylines with different guests from time to time.

Overall, Inside The Huddle is a great listen, especially for football fans in the UK.

You can also find our very own Franchise Sports podcasts on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and more.

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