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As the holiday season draws nearer, most of us are looking for the best NFL presents in 2021 that we can give to diehard football fans we know. Giving them something that they resonate with is undoubtedly a touchdown to their hearts.

Best NFL presents 2021

There’s a plethora of football presents that you can give this Christmas. It can be a little bit overwhelming at first especially if you know nothing about football.

To make it easier for you, we rounded up the best football presents you can give this holiday season below…


Buy a Wilson football

A classic gift for a football fan. Anyone who loves football would be happy to unwrap a fresh pigskin this holiday. After all, this can be used as a display and in practice.


If you want the best football in the market, then we recommend Wilson’s “The Duke” football. This is the official game ball of the NFL and has the same specifications as those used by professional athletes.

NFL jersey

Buy an NFL jersey

An NFL jersey is one of the best football presents you can give to a gridiron fan. These oversized jerseys are stylish enough to wear whatever occasion it may be—whether it’s game day or just a casual stroll to the mall.

Buying an NFL jersey as a present can be on the expensive side. However, it’s definitely worth it for its price considering the authenticity and quality. If it’s too much for the wallet, you can opt to buy the replica ones.

Football gloves

Buy football gloves


If you know someone who actually plays football, then they will appreciate it if you give them a fresh pair of football gloves as a Christmas present. A huge plus if they play the wide receiver role.

These gloves help improve traction and catching ability. A super stick material is embedded on the palms and fingers so the player can snatch the ball with ease. Consider this as a present for aspiring football athletes.


Buy Madden 22

EA Sport’s Madden is arguably the king of all NFL video games. This game lets an average football fan feel like they’re inside the game and play in the league virtually.

For an unrivaled immersive experience, we recommend that you buy the latest Madden game. You also need to make sure what console the recipient is playing on. You wouldn’t want to buy the Xbox copy if they’re playing on PlayStation.

NFL game-used uniform wallet

Buy an NFL game-used uniform wallet

If you want to take your present up a notch, then you can give someone an NFL game-used uniform wallet. This wallet is made with a piece of game-worn jersey embedded inside the wallet. You can even see some wear and tear of the jersey. How cool is that?

Even in a subtle way, this wallet is a fun and functional way to represent an NFL team. Yes, it may be one of the most expensive Christmas gift ideas for a football fan out there but expect them to love it. After all, this premium item is a must-own for avid NFL fans.


Buy NFL cufflinks

The officially licensed NFL cufflinks are a great gift for football fans, especially for men. They have a classic look with an NFL team logo in the center—allowing diehard fans to rep their favorite team even when suited up.

Consider these NFL-themed cufflinks as a present for your husband, colleague, close friend, or even fantasy league mate. You can’t go wrong gifting men cufflinks.


Buy NFL coasters

Alcohol and football are pretty much inseparable. Whether at a local bar or just inside the house, drinking while watching a football game has been the norm forever.

This is why the NFL-themed coasters are a fitting gift for avid football fans. These coasters usually feature an NFL team logo in the center which gives fans a way to rep their team with pride.

You can find a wide variety of coasters on the internet such as wooden, stainless steel, and leather. Pick an item that has great quality and will last long.


Buy an NFL beanie

Beanies are a popular hat worn by football fans and players. You usually see professional football players rock these knit hats on a game day, especially in cold weather.

These knit hats usually are done in team colors with an NFL team logo in the center. Keep in mind though that there’s a huge chance that the football fan you’re giving a present to has already a beanie. Still, they will appreciate this gift especially if you bought them a new and more stylish one.

Ugly sweater

Buy an NFL ugly sweater

You can never go wrong giving a football fanatic an NFL-themed ugly sweater. After all, ugly sweaters are very popular in the holiday season.

These sweaters are usually designed by combining Christmas-themed patterns and NFL team names and logos. As you can see, this is the perfect way for a football fan to show Christmas spirit and rep their team at the same time.

NFL glass set

Buy an NFL glass set

There’s no better way to represent a team than drinking using an NFL-themed glass. The logo etched right on the front is a great way to show support while watching a football game and drinking beer. This can be used as a display as well.

If the recipient is a fan of a certain team, it’s just fitting to give a glass set with a team of their choice. This is definitely one of the best gifts for an NFL fan.

NFL-themed doormat

Buy an NFL-themed doormat

If you know someone who lives and breathes football, then giving an NFL-themed doormat as a present is a great idea especially for men who have dedicated man caves. These doormats with an NFL logo on top are a good way to show dedication.

NFL fans will definitely enjoy this as a gift. Apart from its design, it’s nice to have a gift that has an actual use inside the house.

Crew socks

Buy NFL-themed crew socks

NFL-themed crew socks are one of the most common football presents out there. It lets them rep their team with pride while enjoying the cushion it provides. A single game can go for hours and it’s best to wear comfortable socks on a game day.

Any NFL fan will definitely appreciate these crew socks as a present. Just make sure to buy socks with their favorite team, not their rival.

Football cleats

Buy American football cleats

Know someone who plays actual football? Then, giving American football cleats is a great idea. A football player will always love a fresh pair of kicks. They need to have impeccable traction over a grassy field.

Buying football cleats as a present can be a little bit expensive side, but this is certainly one of the best football presents you can give to someone who plays the sport.

Football sled trainer

Buy a football sled trainer

Competitive football players will definitely appreciate a football sled trainer as they are always looking to improve their speed and strength.

A weighted sled trainer will develop a player’s sprinting speed, leg strength, and core strength. Consider this as a present for aspiring football players who want to improve their game to the next level.

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