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Four moves the Brooklyn Nets should make this offseason

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The Nets offseason is a breather for their players. Injuries have plagued them both in the regular and postseason. Due to this, they haven’t been able to fully realize the true potential of their lineup. When healthy, they are an offensive juggernaut.

The long offseason ahead will help Brooklyn regroup, discuss their contracts, and give them ample time to rest. After all, the Nets are still the favorites to win the championship next year.

Nets offseason preview 2021

The upcoming offseason for the Nets will be important. After losing to the Bucks in a thriller series, Brooklyn will look to run it back with the same core of Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and Kevin Durant. The long summer will give this trio their much-needed rest and should be good to go at the start of next season.

There are also other things that the Nets should look into to improve their roster. Let’s take a look at four key moves that must be accomplished in the Nets offseason…

Discuss extensions for Durant, Irving, and Harden

The Nets’ best shot at winning the NBA championship is with Kyrie, Harden, and Durant. These three are basically the best offensive players in the league. If they are going to make a run for the title for the upcoming years, they should extend the big three’s contracts in the offseason while they are still on top of their games.


Durant, Irving, and Harden have two years left in their contracts with a player option in the 2022-2023 season. This offseason, they are eligible for contract extensions up to 4 years.

However, it will definitely be expensive. The Nets also have to take into factor their age and injuries. There are certain risks in extending their contracts for a much more lucrative deal. Discussing contract extensions should be a priority in the Nets offseason.

Re-sign Dinwiddie?

Spencer Dinwiddie has a $12.3 million player option this season. However, Dinwiddie currently leans to declining it and become a free agent this season.

Dinwiddie may pursue a bigger contract in free agency and find a better team that can utilize him properly. After all, this is a big offseason for teams that need a point guard. Going the free agency route is the better move also. The arrival of Harden puts Dinwiddie in the backseat. With a new team, he can be a better first option in the offense while getting more money.


Whether or not Dinwiddie re-signs, the Nets are still in a good place. A sign and trade could be on the table as well.

Offload Jordan’s contract

DeAndre Jordan still has over $19 million and two years left in his contract. However, he hasn’t been able to crack the rotation and contribute that much this season, especially on the defensive end. The soon-to-be 33-year old has been a lob target and rebounding machine for most of his career, but his game is clearly declining now.

The Nets should turn their eyes to Nicolas Claxton. He’s young and can do what Jordan provides for cheap. They could definitely do better than letting his $19 million rot on the bench. If they are going to contend, they should offload Jordan’s contract and trade him for a valuable piece.

There may be no suitors for Jordan at the moment but a package with picks could get it done. Offloading Jordan should be explored in the Nets offseason 2021.

Re-sign key players

Re-signing Blake Griffin, Bruce Brown, and Jeff Green is a must in the Nets offseason.

They are very valuable in Steve Nash‘s rotation as the supporting cast next to the big three.

Griffin revitalized his career in Brooklyn. The often-injured forward has been a key piece in the frontcourt with his size and shooting ability. He’s the perfect guy next to the big three.

Meanwhile, Brown has been a revelation as well this season. Standing at 6’4, he provides hustle, energy, and defense. These winning plays are valuable for a championship team like the Nets. Every team needs a “dog” like Brown. Green also provides that veteran presence with his size and versatility. He can still score a bunch of ways even at 34 years old.

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